It is more common than it may seem for manufacturers to file applications to patent a technology or model. In fact, in a market as competitive as that of the automobile, any idea, denomination or advance not registered can end up in the hands of a rival. What is not so common is that a patent application for a flying motorcycle, something Subaru has done recently and of which we have the sketches and some details.

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As reported from, Subaru has submitted a patent application to the US office for a “land and air” vehicle. In the sketches we can see Subaru’s flying motorcycle, or what is the same, a conventional motorcycle inside the fuselage of an airplane.

Subaru files a patent application for its flying motorcycle

During takeoff the wings are extended outward with the propellers up, which facilitates the vertical takeoff and landing with a fixed rotor at the rear. Once in the air, the wings rotate horizontally to adopt the configuration of a traditional airplane. The wheels of the motorcycle retract into the fuselage when it is in the air. And once on the road, the wings fold to the sides of the ground, functioning like a conventional motorcycle.

The subaru flying motorcycle It has been designed to use an internal combustion engine instead of electrical power. The heat engine will be responsible for generating the electricity that drives the wheels. Meanwhile, the flight controls are fused with the controls of the motorcycle and would offer a autopilot mode. This allows the pilot to focus on turns, speed and altitude.

Subaru is known for being a manufacturer with unconventional ideas. In fact, the company has an aerospace division that works with Boeing and the Japanese military. This gives him enough experience for the development of less conventional vehicles such as the flying motorcycle for which he has applied for the patent.

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