Parents always want to protect our children. Many times we pretend to be okay, when it is not. Hiding sad emotions is not a good idea to teach children “to be strong.

We think that if we always show that we are well and that nothing negative ever happens to keep the children’s self-esteem intact. This is a misconception and it confirms it. a recent study conducted by the University of Toronto.

Life is full of positive and negative circumstances; and it is good to teach children that this is soí, but it is common for parents to try to show that they are always happy with a false smile that not only hurts them, but also the children.

The consequences of hiding sad emotions

One of these consequences may be an inadequate emotional regulation, since “trying to hide sad emotions or exaggerate positive ones can lead parents to feel worse about themselves”Explains Bonnie Le, lead author of the study to

Proper childcare inevitably includes both positive and negative experiences. During the day to day situations can occur that range from joy and pride in seeing your child develop and grow, to frustration and reproach when children disobey them.

The transparent expression of emotions is associated with greater social competencies and with better emotional regulation by the children.

Wanting to “protect” children with a constant smile, even if sometimes we go through negative circumstances, will end up frustrating us. And hiding negative emotions makes the child realize and lose trust with their parents.

Emotions of sadness or anger are negative “misnamed”

According to the professor of psychology at the University of Oviedo Marino Pérez, cited by Psicopedia, he also draws attention to a very common practice in our time: indiscriminately presenting children with a happy reality.

“The complications of life are part of learning itself”, says the expert, who adds that hiding emotions is a “supposing that they can be traumatized if they are exposed to negative emotions is not true.

The expert highlights that sad emotions are also essential for adaptation to life.

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