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Study finds that marijuana use alters some visual functions

Few substances in the world generate as much controversy as marijuana. Its different components such as cannabis, cannabidiol and many others, have been subjected to different studies for years. The intention is to find if they generate benefits or alterations in health. There are scenarios in which its consumption is recommended and others in which it is not. But the most recent, after two different types of studies, contradicts itself in its results.

FayerwayerApril 20, 2021

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The vast majority of people who smoke marijuana can tell you with certainty that using the drug does not affect their sight at all. In fact, there is a study that recommends the indication of cannabis for glaucoma. However, recent research determined that this substance does affect some key functions. They report that, at least, it affects the key functions of vision to diagnose a person with “visual impairment.”

Daily Mail review that the research was carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Granada, in Spain. In this way, they conducted visual tests on 31 participants who were divided between 20 men and 11 women. In order to have a first generalized conclusion, the people were between 19 and 43 years old.

Marijuana on visual effects

As a primary requirement, the 31 participants had to be habitual marijuana users. Then, they gave them a dose, to study the reaction of their visual functions. Therefore, aspects such as: “visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, three-dimensional vision (stereopsis), ability to focus and sensitivity to glare” worsened considerably, the aforementioned portal reported.

Consequently, while the study needs to verify its conclusions with more in-depth analysis, it immediately contradicts other research recommending this substance for treating glaucoma.

The study was very simple and it doesn’t take great science to understand it. They did two common ophthalmology eye tests: one before using marijuana and one after. That is why they immediately published results.

The aforementioned portal relates that there was a very curious behavior that they could not miss. 30% of the participants, when asked if they had any difficulty seeing, mentioned that they did not register any problems. While 65% did report that they got worse, but very slightly. And the reality is that the visual functions were quite affected. So they need to study the reason for this perception problem in people.

Other studies

There are other studies on marijuana that indicate that smoking the plant or consuming some medicine with cannabis could damage the brain, specifically in the area of ​​memory.

However, other clinical trials have determined that cannabis is capable of calming anxiety and chronic pain in patients with these types of diseases. Also, unlike the common cigarette, it does not affect lung capacities. But be careful, as long as it is consumed in moderate quantities.

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