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Students appalled: English university unveils first Thunberg statue

Students horrified
English university unveils first Thunberg statue

A university in England is building a statue of Greta Thunberg on its campus as a symbol of sustainability. The students are not enthusiastic about it. Her criticism is “expressly not” directed against the climate activist herself. You see another problem in the bronze sculpture.

Despite criticism from students, a university in England this week unveiled a statue of climate protection activist Greta Thunberg. The bronze sculpture shows her with long braided hair and an outstretched hand. It is the world’s first life-size statue of the now 18-year-old Swede.

“Greta is a young woman who, despite the difficulties in her life, has become one of the world’s leading environmental activists,” said a statement from Winchester University. “As a university for sustainability, we are proud to honor this inspiring woman in this way.” The student organization University and College Union criticized the initiative as a prestige project.

The criticism is expressly not directed against Thunberg, who is supported in their role in the fight against climate change, it said in a statement published on Twitter. The cost of £ 24,000 (around 28,000 euros) should have been better used to prevent cuts and job cuts. The university countered that the money had come from one pot to finance buildings and could not have been used for other purposes.

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