STRONG VIDEO: Man lights “bazooka” and explodes in his face during New Year’s celebration in NL


The event was recorded on video and began to be quickly disseminated on social networks. The released footage shows the man crouching down to ignite the explosive.

Mexico City, January 5 (However) .– A man turned out injured with Burns at face and in the body then that one exploded “bazooka” in the face during the celebrations New year.

The event was recorded in video and it started to be quickly diffused between the social networks. The released images show how the man bends down to turn on the explosive.

However, when trying take it, the bazooka explodes in his face before of weather, for what comes out running with the damaged face. The event was recorded thanks to his relatives in La Fama, Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.

One of the women who is present even asks him to hurry up to turn it on, as sirens from approaching patrols are heard.

Meanwhile, another child shouted “we are going to die.”

Gerónimo Gabriel Sambada was immediately transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention, where he only suffered burns to his face.

Later, he published a message on his social network where he assured that “they do not trust and still have a long fuse.”

“Happy New Year, my family says that not a fucking cat has so many lives that one, a hug I want to see them succeed. Do not trust, still and with a long fuse, ”wrote the affected person, who shared images of his face with some burns.

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