STRONG VIDEO: A policeman is executed by 3 subjects while he was aboard his patrol in Morelos

A video shared on social networks shows the moment when the trident of attackers approaches the official unit EX004 and attacks the policeman.

Mexico City, December 27 (However) .- A police officer was riddled by three subjects while he was aboard his patrol in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, in the state of Morelos.

A video shared by Televisa Morelos in social networks shows the moment when the trident of aggressors approaches the official unit EX004 and attack the crew member.

In the images it is observed that while the subject in the white sweatshirt distracts the officer, the two accomplices draw their weapons and begin to shoot at the officer.

Likewise, it is appreciated that it tries to repel aggression; however, through the passenger window, one of the subjects continues to shoot him until he is murdered.

It is even observed that after finishing it, they extract something from the interior of the patrol and escape.

After the attack, police elements moved to the place, where they located said patrol and inside it, a traffic officer with firearm injuries.

Paramedics also came to the site, who verified that the victim no longer had vital signs.

The officer was identified as Rodolfo “N”, an element of the Ministry of Public Security and Traffic of the Municipality of Emiliano Zapata, who was carrying out tasks related to his function.

In this regard, the State Public Security Commission (CES) gave its version of events, and reported that at approximately 11:02 am this Sunday, through the Center for Coordination, Command, Control, Communication and Computation (C- 5), the report of firearm shots was received on Mexico Street in the Tres de Mayo neighborhood of the Emiliano Zapata municipality, where it was said that a traffic officer from that municipality had been injured aboard his official unit .

“The State Public Security Commission of the State of Morelos condemns the acts of violence directed against those who make up the security forces in the entity. CES Morelos will contribute and collaborate with the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office, who will carry out the corresponding investigations for the identification and location of the alleged perpetrators ”, reads a statement issued by the corporation.

“The CES Morelos expresses its solidarity to the relatives and reiterates its commitment to the police elements that day by day contribute their effort to combat crime and allow the State of Morelos to have conditions of peace and tranquility for families” .

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