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Strong criticism in Russia for selling vaccines to Argentina

From the arrival of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Argentina, Russian local media harshly questioned the decision of the government of Vladimir Putin understanding that they gave up almost half of the available doses, leaving aside the health crisis in that country.

In a news agency article Rosbalt, entitled “Die yourself, save Argentina”, demand the delivery of the 300 thousand doses to the government of Alberto Fernandez while in Russia only 700 thousand doses for the local population.

“The authorities quickly sent a fairly large batch of the vaccine available to Argentina, where they issued an urgent permit to use Sputnik V. If we consider that the Argentines will need other 300 thousand doses From the second part of the vaccine, it turns out that the Russian Federation has given this country a large part of the batch of vaccines already produced, “they detailed in the publication.

Coronavirus: how many Sputnik V vaccines each province will receive

And they added that “reports on supplies to the Russian regions seem more than modest. Just over two thousand doses of coronavirus vaccine reached the Irkutsk region. More than 3500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine delivered to the region from Sverdlovsk, while Dagestan received 3,442 doses. The Chelyabinsk region received 3,700. ”

They also cited Putin when he said that the priority would be to immunize the population of the Russian Federation, when those doses that reached Argentina are those demanded, for example, by the governor of St. Petersburg, the second most important city in the country, which has five million inhabitants.

Finally, local media affirmed that the questions about the arrival of the Russian vaccine in Argentina were the most talked about topic on social networks yesterday, Thursday, December 24.


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