Strong accusation by Jorge Lanata involving the Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Jorge Lanata made an appearance on his radio show in the middle of his vacation to give his opinion on the Sputnik V vaccination campaign, and ended up making a strong accusation in the code of analogy.

Two days ago, the Ks are campaigning against me, saying that I said they were not going to vaccinate in December. And they say it on December 29. Beyond that, I want to say that K’s are K-raduras. With the vaccine it is terrible how they are handling it. I said something that I maintain because I believe that vaccines are given when they are authorized. Russia has not finished phase 3. We are giving a vaccine that is only authorized by Anmat. Not authorized by the FDA or the European Commission, only the Anmat. Russia and Belarus have no choice but to obey, bow and give it to them“, analyzed the journalist.


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