story of a businessman who does not believe in the pandemic

The virus COVID-19 came to Mexico without imagining that most of the time we would have to spend our time at home, since the coronavirus is highly contagious and human contact should be omitted.

However, many people – at this point – continue to think that the SARS-CoV-2 it does not exist and they omit the sanitary recommendations. But this attitude was not only taken by the population in general, but also by people in the public sphere.

“We cannot stop the world out of fear”

A clear example is the Mexican businessman, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who from the beginning of the pandemic said that we did not have to be afraid, because in the end “we are all going to get infected.” This as a pretext for the government to reactivate the economy, because for more than 3 months the entire country was in confinement.

Under this same objective, the also owner of the Television of the Ajusco launched a campaign to continue minimizing the pandemic. From this would have derived the controversial statements of the presenter Javier Alatorre, who in the middle of the year recommended that citizens ignore the sanitary recommendations issued by the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

Challenge against COVID-19

But that’s not all, since by owning Elektra and Azteca Bank its workers were the ones who assumed the consequences, since although most of the businesses closed, these companies never closed and continued to receive customers with the argument that their products were “essential” for the population.

When we believed that this would be the maximum in the controversies of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, it became known that one of the schools he owned, the Humanitree College Since the end of August, he was receiving students with the justification that his students did not have internet to continue their classes online; However, it is known that tuition fees are very high, so it is incoherent that they do not have equipment to study and to pay for the internet.

And the Healthy Distance?

To this is added that the Mexican businessman again omitted the recommendations of the federal government and of Mexico City, since he organized the traditional End of the year’s party with workers from TV Azteca and Totalplay, with more than 30 people and without respecting the Healthy Distance.

It is worth mentioning that these attitudes have been strongly criticized by other actors in the public sphere, however, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador it has omitted its actions and has not taken a clear position on it.

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