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Storm – 2 dead in a tornado on an Italian vacation island

Tornado in vacationer’s paradise …

Two people died in a hurricane on the Italian island of Pantelleria. Four more were injured, the Italian civil protection authority announced on Facebook on Friday.

One of the dead is therefore a firefighter who was not on duty at the time of the accident. According to media reports, the tornado devastated a coastal road within seconds.

“It was an apocalyptic sight,” said a medic from the Italian news agency Ansa. According to the civil protection authorities, the cyclone knocked over several cars. The agency published photos showing a vehicle thrown into a house. Another lay dented in a field.

The small volcanic island of Pantelleria is almost halfway between Sicily and Tunisia. It can only be reached by plane from mainland Italy or by ferry and, in addition to azure-blue rocky bays and impressive mountain landscapes, offers enough privacy for all visitors. Giorgio Armani has a large property and Sting and Madonna also like to stop by here.

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