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NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens or non-expendable assets. They are online collections, collector’s items or works of art that differ from conventional ones in that they are not physical, you do not have them hanging in your house or in an album in the drawer but they are simply on the computer, use the blockchain to operate. They are yours although you do not have it as such. They are not always unique but they are usually limited so it is normal to buy and sell, resell, collect, exchange. And that is why these stores or sale websites are important, these NFTs marketplaces where we find all kinds of things.

Artwork or 3D drawings and designs but also Internet domains put up for sale, tweets that are considered important or stickers of the NBA or pictures similar to Pokémon. Collections of different characters or kittens.

How are they bought?

Depends. Cryptocurrencies are generally used to make a purchase from NFT but it will depend on the website or “market” in which you are going to do it. Usually you will have to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to be able to pay for them but some specific websites, such as the NBA with its Top Shot collection, allow us pay by credit card or VISA. Why? There is a difference when you buy a pack on the website itself and when you start entering the buying and selling Marketplace. But, generally, you need a digital wallet and a platform with which to operate with Ethereum, for example.

NFTs websites and stores

We find general stores, with all kinds of collections …


Opensea is one of the best marketsplaces to buy NFTs and one of those that offers a more comfortable interface, easier to use. We can find all kinds of collections, from the popular CryptoPunks to others like the adorable Polkamon .. You can filter by collections, search for specific artists or choose the type of cryptocurrency in which it is for sale. Not only is there art, as in the rest of these websites (or most of them) but we will also find domains, traging cards or utilities. It is enough to go touching the different categories to find something that convinces us and for what we want to pay.

There is also a rankings section where you will see the statistics of the NFTs: the total price of each collection, etc. You can see its variation with historical prices, for example.

If you like one, just tap on it to access its file and see all the details but also to tap on the “make offer” button. As usual, you will have to be registered to make an offer and you will have to use a compatible wallet. The default wallet is Metamask but you can also use others such as Bitski, Fortmatic, WlletConnect, WalletLink, Torus, Authereum, Dapper …


Nifty Gateway

This mareketplace is one of the most popular places where “Internet artists” have decided hang up your crypto art to make a profit, to become popular. You can take a look at the different pages of each of the artists, use the search engine or see different exhibitions online. Within each one of the works you will see what it costs or the editions that exist, for example. You can see the editions they have, the highest bid, the last sale. Just tap on “Discover” to find many of the popular works or in “Drops” to discover all kinds of crypto artists. The website describes NFTs as “Niftys”, tradeable assets, digital collectibles that you can trade or sell here.



Another website where you can find digital collectibles is Mintable and its operation is very similar to the rest of the pages on the list. You will see the “price” in Ethereum, the cryptocurrency, and you can go browsing through the different categories to discover articles of all kinds. You can filter by content: art, collectibles, game items, music, domains, videos … Once inside each category you can see the different works, access a description and details or see the current price.

You can see the catalog or the “exhibitions” without having to be registered but you must create an account to buy NFTs on this website. You can also filter by price, which is really useful if you can’t afford to spend a fortune. You can choose price ranges from one dollar to 5.99 or different ranges up to more than 100 dollars, for example. Or, sort by price, by expensive and cheap.



Rarible is one of those online art collections where we can search for what interests us, we can buy NFTs … The first thing you have to do is connect a wallet. When creating an account you must connect a cryptocurrency wallet compatible such as WalletConnect, Fortmatic, Torus, CoinbaseWallet or MyEtherWallet. Once you have cryptocurrencies connected via your wallet, you can start bidding with an account. You can find what you want or even follow artists that you find interesting, for example. You will see fashion collectionspopular opYou will be able to explore by categorya: photography, art, music, games …



In Makersplace we can find these digital works of art where we can buy or sell our own creations. You can tap on “Discover” to filter as you want: by artworks, creators, collections or activity. You can filter by the most popular, by newest or by type: animations, illustrations, fantasy, 3D rendering. Just tap on any of the works that are exhibited online to see details of your description, for example. In addition, you can touch to make an offer if you are interested in having it or buying an NFT.



At Valuables, tweets are bought and sold as NFTs. The website was especially popularized by the sale of the platform’s first tweet, that of Jack Dorsey. Dorsey managed to sell his first tweet for $ 2.9 million to Sina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle. Money that was donated to the Give Directly association in Africa. The Web receive 5% of the donation as a commission but Dorsey’s is not the only one we can buy, there are many more. Just take a look to see tweets of all kinds. Touch on the one you want, enter an amount and tap on “Offer” to try to buy NFTs in tweet format.


NFT collectibles

NBA Top Shot

The NBA has its own collection of stickers or NFTs. As explained from the Spanish version of the American competition, it is a platform that combines several concepts: “a collection of sports cards, cryptocurrencies and the stock market.” That is, it is a collecting website where we find packages of different prices, collectible items with highlights virtuales of NBA plays: winning shots, assists, actions, lay-ups …

All of it we can buy them in packs Or we can resell them through the Marketplace as when you were going to change the Panini stickers but in online format and based on the blockchain and NFTs, for example. It will depend on each one that is more or less valuable. Each one has a serial number that indicates how many times it is available and there are some with very few different editions, which increases their prestige.



With the appearance of a children’s cartoon, Axie Infinity is another website for digital collectibles. Similar to NBA Top Shot but with a different design. From their own page they are described as tokens inspired by the Pokémon universe and with which we can fight, collect … You can buy them from the Marketplace of the Axie page and there are more than 12,000 different creatures but also “land” or items that we can buy from this Marketplace. Each one has specific characteristics such as speed or health, for example, and is of a different class (aquatic, plant, beast, reptile …)


Sorare, football collectibles

Instead of the NBA, soccer. Sorare is another of the fashion collectibles for football fans. You can register to this kind of Comunio or Fantasy but with NFTs collectibles. It has over 120 officially licensed clubs and is a game where you use “officially licensed digital cards” to create a team and use it through real life matches and tournaments.


Street Fighter cards

The famous fighting video game also has its own collectible cards in NFT format with all the usual characters: Blanka, Ken, Chun-Li … You can buy different packs. As they explain from the website itself, Capcom and WAX come together to offer these digiol collectibles from the fighting franchise that we can buy through a WAX Cloud Wallet account or exchange with other collectors, for example.

Street Fighter

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