Stones and rubber bullets: Máximo Kirchner and Mario Negri maintained a strong cross during the last session in Deputies

Máximo Kirchner in Deputies on retirements

In the last hours of yesterday, at the closing of the debate of the session in Deputies where the new mobility formula was approved to update the pensions promoted by the Government, the head of the Frente de Todos bloc, Maximum Kirchner, used part of his speech to recall the incidents that took place in December 2017, when Congress debated a similar law, on that occasion presented by the management of Mauricio Macri.

As I knew they were going to bring a stone, because they have become very predictable and their electorate does not ask for more than that, I brought them the rubber bullets. These are the rubber bullets that you guys used. And I only show them because they brought the stones, ”said Máximo Kirchner.

“Here are the bullets that were fired on people, who are the true resisters. You are not resistant, you are the power. They may have lost an election, but they are the power of Argentina. Resist the comrades in the plaza outside resisted ”, added the national deputy and reference of La Cámpora.

Mario Negri in Deputies on retirements

Regarding the law that was finally approved, he affirmed that the ruling party “fulfilled” what Alberto Fernández promised during the electoral campaign. “We believed that this formula was the best for retirees and retirees gradually to recover the income they lost with the change of formula made by Mauricio Macri, and not only because of the change in formula but with macro policy,” he said.

Minutes before his intervention, it was Negri’s turn. The radical leader began his speech with a stone in his hand. “This accompanies me because in my life I have convinced myself that democracy is not violence, whether they like it or not, it bothers them or not; this should be repudiated by all ”.

The president of the Juntos por el Cambio interblock also assured that the Government’s pension mobility formula “ignores inflation” and affirmed that this is “having myopia” regarding the evolution of prices in Argentina. “We wanted a minimum inflation base,” considered the Cordovan, who said he disbelieved that next year the economy will grow at a “Chinese rate.”

“I accept those who are convinced that they are going to grow at the Chinese rate next year and inflation is going to be 2%, so they were right not to place it (the inflation variable). Well, trust. We do not trust. And that’s why we voted against ”, he stated.

In this sense, Negri recalled that in the last 60 years the country had “14 periods of recession.” “If they also put a cap on the collection of Anses, even worse,” he said.

The approved regulation establishes that the increases are updated quarterly based on a formula composed of 50% by the collection of ANSES and another 50% by the evolution of wages, arising from the highest percentage between the one measured by the INDEC and the RIPTE index prepared by the Ministry of Labor.

The established formula is similar (with some patches) to the one that had been established in 2008 under the first Government of Cristina Kirchner and which was in force until the end of 2017, when the Government of Cambiemos was able to vote on a different recipe for the calculation of assets, that took into account 70% of the variation in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a criterion that has now been set aside.

As an informant member of the ruling party, the president of the Social Security and Social Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcelo Casaretto, affirmed that the initiative is “a very good law” and considered that “time will prove the reason” to the Frente de Todos .

“What we see is that in Argentina we have to give the discussion about income distribution. The objective of this Government is for Argentina to grow and for the benefits of growth to reach workers and retirees ”, he explained.

On the one hand, he pointed out that the Government’s objective is that “those improvements that are agreed upon for active workers also reach retirees in Argentina,” and on the other hand, he predicted that the collection will rise above the price variation.

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