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Steve Jobs: Apple co-founder’s application form brings 187,000 euros

A hand-filled application form from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was auctioned in London. The one-page document from 1973 changes hands for 162,000 pounds, that’s a little over 187,000 euros. It is not yet known who the highest bidder is.

In the short questionnaire, which is said to be in very good condition, Steve Jobs stated, among other things, that he could use computers and pocket calculators. Jobs also counted the fields of “design” and “tech” to be among his skills. One also learns about him that at the age of 18 he had a driver’s license, but apparently did not own a car. Jobs also didn’t have his own phone, the questionnaire reveals.

The document does not give the impression that Steve Jobs went to great lengths to fill it out. For example, he wrote his own last name with a small J and Jobs left blank the field in which you should enter your preferred position.

According to the auction house Charterfields, the document probably dates from the time when Steve Jobs left Reed College in Portland without graduating there. The college also specifies jobs under the address item, without further specification. He has not filled in the fields in which you should enter your professional previous stations.

Today, thanks to numerous articles and books about him, the world knows exactly where Jobs worked in the further course of the 1970s. In 1974 he started at the game company Atari, where he met Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne, with whom he founded Apple in 1976. However, it is still unclear which position Jobs wanted to apply for with the questionnaire that has now been auctioned.

The document had already been auctioned several times. In 2017 it was initially sold for $ 18,750 (around € 15,880 today), then again for just under $ 175,000 in 2018. Steve Jobs died in 2011 of complications from cancer.

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