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Stephen Curry, the People’s MVP, is in the middle of one of his best seasons

The Golden State Warriors player lives one of the best moments of his career and his name comes out among the candidates for the Most Valuable Player award

“I have to be (the MVP). They probably won’t give it to me, but whatever ”, were the words of Stephen Curry a few days ago about the race for the Most Valuable Player award.

And most likely he is right. The seasons they are having Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and others, in addition to the records of their respective teams, complicate things for Curry.

But there is no doubt that we are facing a special player, there is no doubt about it. We have been saying it for years and you have to mention him as the MVP this season.

Currently the Golden State Warriors They have a record of 30 wins and the same number of losses, which are worth a 10th place in the Western Federation and keep them in the fight for a place in the playoffs. But they probably won’t.

Curry is on track to have the highest scoring average of his career, even above his seasons where he won the Most Valuable Player award, with very similar shooting percentages.

The Golden State Warriors point guard is coming off one of the most productive stretches in league history, which put him in the MVP conversation, but probably won’t give it to him.

And even though that streak of 11 straight games scoring at least 30 points is over, Curry continues to make his teammates better on the court.

The point differential (+/-) of Warriors players when they are with Curry on the court improves notably, using as examples those of Draymond Green (+4.4 with Curry / -7.5 without) and Andrew Wiggins (+0.6 with Curry / -6.7 without him).

In addition, he must be one of the players with the lowest rejection rate in the league. Although they are fans of opposing teams, everyone recognizes what it means Stephen Curry for the game. However, they probably won’t.

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