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Stay single until you learn that half love is not worth it

I know, it is difficult to be single in a society that considers the lack of a partner to be a condemnation. No wonder our generation has gotten very good at settling for less. And it is not that it is about isolating yourself and avoiding at all costs having new experiences but about learning that it is not worth spending time and energy on something that does not make you grow.

Real love is about complementing the other so they can grow together but today it seems that we excuse the lack of time and interest with a “worse is nothing.” We have begun to take the remains that we find along the way and we forget that we deserve much more than just pieces.

The Pressure that society exerts on us and what we “should be” has made us think that if we are single it’s because there is something wrong with us. The reality is that the more we settle, the less chance we will have of finding the right person.

Stay single until you learn that half love is not worth it.

Romantic movies and books have given us the idea that love is all about sparks and butterflies in the stomach when in real life it takes a lot of work to make things work.

It is not that you should stop believing in fairy tales in which everything is pink but that you learn with whom it is worth trying everything.

When you stop settling for half-hearted loves, the real sparks appear with each brush between their lips and that’s the way it is for the rest of the time they’re together.

We have all fallen into those half-hearted loves; They are loves that at first make us believe in “happily ever after” but that end up stagnating in a moment, filling us with doubts. These loves don’t just make us wonder where we’re going but also if what is preventing progress is not we are interesting or pretty enough so that the other person wants to give more.

Stop seeing singleness as a condemnation.

Living full of doubts makes you insecure of yourself and when you least expect it, you forget how much you are worth.. Therefore, it is better to be single than in an incomplete relationship.

Stay single until you find someone who is willing to work on the relationship as much as you are. Someone who does not see theirs as a forced commitment and who does not make it feel like it is a one-sided scale.

Stay single until you find someone who works hard in conversations with you and listens when you speak. Someone who goes out of his way to make you feel included and not a burden to deal with. Someone who invites you out with his friends, who takes you to dinner with his family and who is not afraid to always take the next step.

Stay single until you find someone who strives to love you every day. Someone who makes you feel important for all the little things that you are instead of making you feel like you have to fight to like him.

Never settle for less because doing so will make you feel like you are chasing and begging for love. You deserve a love that motivates you to move on when it is too difficult to take another step, not one that appears and disappears and makes you doubt. You deserve someone you choose and who chooses you tevery day because they both want to be with each other and with no one else.

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