Sputnik V. Alberto Fernández, on the controversy: “There is a very perverse dispute”

The President participated in an exclusive interview and referred to the debates that will take place in the Senate this Tuesday

For the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandez, the controversy surrounding the Russian vaccine responds to a commercial and geopolitical war, the result of the large sums of money in the market surrounding this development. Then, he talked about the law to legalize abortion that will be debated tomorrow in the Senate and was sincere: “I would like it to come out.”

A few hours before the start of the vaccination, Fernández said during the Desiguales program, on Public TV, that it will be an “emblematic” day. The law on abortion will also be voted on in the Senate and in Deputies, the retirement mobility. In analyzing this scenario, the President said: “I hope that one more day passes in which we Argentines feel that we solve problems, which is what worries us the most. It is one more day, although it is emblematic and significant because we can begin to vaccinate people and give immunity to those who are most at risk today, such as health personnel. “

In that sense, she continued: “For many women it is emblematic of the legalization of abortion, but for me it is solving a problem that runs through public health. And it is also for retirees to have a system of mobilization of their assets, now quarterly and that somehow allows them to anticipate and organize their lives. ” That’s when Fernández quoted the vice president: “Cristina always says that politics, finally, what she has to do is organize the lives of others.” And he summarized: “It is an important day, but it should be one more day because I do not like to make epic the things that we must necessarily do for Argentina to function better.”

The Senate defines whether or not abortion is legalized

The President confessed: “I would like it to come out. What I do not want is to turn this issue into a dispute, Instead, what I want is to solve a problem that has to do with women’s rights and, essentially, with a public health problem. “

Then, he argued about how many women die from a clandestine abortion and said he “feels bad” about those figures. “To say that abortion does not exist is an act of hypocrisy”, He launched. “I would like us to resolve the issue so that women who decide to have an abortion, under the conditions that the law allows, can do so while guaranteeing everyone’s health.”

At that time, he said that he has spoken with several senators about it and took the opportunity to clarify: “I did not deceive anyone. I did not take him out of the hat because, for the political moment, the issue of abortion was appropriate but I campaigned for the topic”.

“I would not dare to say that one vaccine is better than another”

The President reported that in the meeting he held with the governors, they agreed that all the provinces begin to vaccinate at 9. “We didn’t want there to be a first, somewhere.” In addition, he highlighted how symbolic it is that the vaccination campaign begins across the country at the same time. And he expressed: “That is emblematic because it has to do with Argentina that I want us to build together, where everyone is important, everyone is necessary and everyone has the same rights.”

Asked about the fear of a sector of society by Sputnik V, Fernández replied: “We are talking about the vaccine most coveted by humanity. There are 7 billion people around the world waiting for this vaccine and that represents an impressive market, which runs a business of tens of billions of dollars. There is a very perverse and tough dispute, “he said. He described the situation as a” unleashed trade war “, to which is added” the geopolitical dispute. “

Referring to the Argentine context, the president considered that “there are political sectors that use the vaccine as part of their party.” And he added: “If I have enough fingers to say which laboratories in the world can make a vaccine of this nature, the conclusion I have to draw is that all vaccines have to be good and have a scientific entity. So, I would not dare to say that one is better than another, What are they saying. With what parameters do we compare? “

Fernández also criticized the inequality that exists throughout the world regarding the possibility of obtaining the vaccine. “Someone has said that the economy is the art of managing limited resources in the face of infinite needs and this in the vaccine is seen in its maximum cruelty. That is why I cared so much about negotiating with everyone,” he said. Thus, the leader of the Frente de Todos said that Argentina bought vaccines in Covax (Global Access Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines), with AstraZeneca and with the Russian Federation. “We are negotiating with the Chinese and we continue negotiating with Pfizer because we need vaccines.”

“We anticipate others when starting the negotiation and suddenly don’t ask me how, It seems that we are sinners for having 300 thousand vaccines in Argentina, when some are asking for any vaccine for their towns “, evaluated the President.

The balance of your management

When evaluating his management, he said: “The truth is that I feel that I fulfilled everything I promised in the campaign.”

“Power is never in you, it is distributed”, Fernández said, saying that the key is to generate a balance between all the sectors that have power: employers, unions and the media. “I pretend that political power weighs a lot so that it can harmonize the other three, “he said. And he stressed:” When the moment comes to decide, only one does, which is the one who has the representation of the people. “

For the President, “some believe that the market solves everything”, while another group – in which it is included – maintains that “the market tends to privilege some and oppress others.” “There is no free competition market, where everyone has opportunities,” he said and, when he spoke again about meritocracy, he launched: “If some have fewer opportunities than others, the merit is not enough.”

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