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Spring Break in Miami Beach: City declares a state of emergency

Celebrate as if there was no pandemic – a particularly large number of young Americans traveled to Miami Beach for this year’s “Spring Break”.

Dan Gelber, Mayor
“It’s like a rock concert everywhere. And of course that has consequences. It’s a powder keg. “

Parties got out of hand, there were fights, shootings – and enforcing the hygiene rules was out of the question. Now the city administration took action: They declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in the most important tourist areas from 8 p.m. Restaurants will then have to close too.

Dan Gelber, Mayor
“We can’t just sit and hope nothing happens. We have to act before bad things happen. “

The authorities also closed several bridges that can be used to get to the coastal town. Thousands of US students travel to Miami every year on their semester break. the fact that there were particularly many this time was due to the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic.

Dan Gelber, Mayor
»Due to the pandemic, the number of travel destinations is limited. And there are a lot of cheap flights. Last month there were $ 50 flights from Philadelphia or New York. “

The state of emergency is only valid for 72 hours. In the meantime, the mayor wants to analyze the situation and plan further measures.

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