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SPÖ prevents free test plans: Austria extends lockdown until January 24th

SPÖ prevents free test plans
Austria extends lockdown until January 24th

While there are increasing signs in Germany that the hard lockdown will last until the end of January, the lockdown is also being extended in Austria. However, the opposition in Vienna ensures that the shops have to remain closed: There shouldn’t be an earlier free trial after all.

In Austria, the lockdown planned until January 18 will be extended by one week, according to the government. Since the originally planned free trial is not possible due to opposition resistance, the closure of almost all shops will now take everyone until January 24th. This was stated by Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober from the Greens. The measure taken to combat the corona pandemic means that retailers, many service providers and restaurants will remain closed until then.

The aim is that the number of new infections every day falls to a stable below 1000, said Anschober. A value of less than 100 new cases in seven days is aimed for per 100,000 inhabitants. This so-called seven-day incidence is currently around 160 in Austria, and in Germany it was 139.4 on Monday.

Quarantine rules remain in effect

The entry restrictions from almost all countries around the world also remain in force. Almost everyone who enters from a corona risk area such as Germany has to be in quarantine for up to ten days. Originally it was planned that everyone who underwent a corona test would be able to go to the shops that would open again from January 18. For everyone without a test, an extended lockdown should apply until January 24th.

On Sunday, the opposition announced for various reasons that it would refuse to approve the relevant law. “Relaxation with indirect test obligations is not an effective means to lower the numbers,” said opposition leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner from the SPÖ. The opposition can put the amendment on hold for two months through its majority in the state chamber.

In Germany, there are signs that the lockdown will be extended until the end of January. The majority of the Prime Ministers voted for the shops to be closed by January 31. The Union-led countries had already agreed on this line the previous evening. Only two SPD-led countries have a different opinion, it said from government circles. The final decision will be made tomorrow, Tuesday, when Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Minister talk to him.

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