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Speeding caused Tiger Woods crash, Los Angeles Sheriff confirms

Tiger Woods’ accident in February was caused by excessive speed, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday.

Woods was seriously injured and is recovering in Florida, but will not face any charges.

The county sheriff said Tiger Woods was driving 84-87 miles per hour before his accident and hit a tree at 75 mph. Woods was traveling the streets of the city at the time.

There is no evidence that Tiger Woods was on his cell phone or texting while driving, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office said.

His SUV hit a barrier, crossed two lanes of traffic, uprooted a tree and rolled over on a downhill stretch of highway outside of Los Angeles.

Today’s report said that the car was actually accelerating at the time of the accident.

The Sheriff’s Office obtained the car’s black box during its investigation, but it has been criticized for not requesting blood samples.

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