Specialists explain what to do in a lightning storm

After the death of the 11-year-old girl who was struck by a lightning on Saturday at the UPCN campsite in Plottier, the storm surge continues in the region. Therefore, from the body of Firefighters of the Neuquén Police issued a statement with some recommendations to follow in case the phenomenon repeats.

“The indicators that lightning is about to hit the human body are the sensation that the hair is electrified or a tingling on the skin,” they explained.

Although for this Sunday the maximum is 37 degrees, it is expected that towards dusk rains and thunderstorms will return, so it is necessary that the neighbors take all the necessary precautions to protect their safety.

For this, the Firefighters have made a distinction between the places where it is advisable to take refuge and which not. While the safe is “do not expose yourself to the thunderstorm“If you have to seek shelter from the storm, the ideal would be to do it in closed houses or cars. It is not recommended, under any circumstances, to stay in open places in the open air or “near fences or clotheslines.”


For their part, the municipal authorities also raised their voices to raise awareness after the death of the 11-year-old girl: “We are on current alert for electrical storms and we recommend that people take shelter and not stay near rivers, lakes or pools”, Martin Giusti, Undersecretary of Civil Defense and Citizen Protection, explained to LMN.

“We recommend not staying near the water mirrors while the storm lasts because they are conductive,” added the manager. However, this current alert due to heat and storms not only extends to lightning “which is a problem for the population”, but also “these storms involve fires in different parts of the province.”

For their part, the Police Fire Brigade stated that in the event that a person is struck by lightning, they should be checked and, if necessary, given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or “heart massage” since “the human body it does not retain any electrical charge, so it can be touched without risk ”.

With the recent tragedy of the death of the 11-year-old girl, the province recommends people to be safe during the electrical storm or, failing that, to stay “away from water mirrors or fences”, Giusti concluded.

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