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Soon 3G in bus & train? – “Good idea, but who should control it?”

“Change of personnel – boarding, the test or vaccination certificates, please!” Will the passengers be welcomed on the train that soon?

The SPD, Greens and FDP want to introduce 3G (vaccinated, recovered or tested) in buses and trains. Only those who have recovered, vaccinated or tested are allowed to ride. The passenger association Pro Bahn considers it impracticable to check corona vaccinations and tests in railways.

“3G regulations in railways sound sensible, but they cannot be implemented in a controlled manner in practice,” says the honorary chairman of the Pro Bahn passenger association, Karl-Peter Naumann, to the newspapers of the Funke media group. In his opinion, a passenger check before entering the train station or train would lead to long queues not only in rush hour traffic.

BILD does the 3G check in bus & train: is that possible?

BILD on the road in Nuremberg:

▶ ︎Zdenko (50, locksmith): “I have been vaccinated twice. I don’t care whether 3G is also checked on buses and trains. I take the train every day, and I will continue to do so. “

▶ ︎Angelique (26, nanny): “I don’t know how 3G should be controlled in local public transport, I also find it difficult because many depend on the train or bus. It remains to be seen whether people prefer to be vaccinated or whether even more people will take the car. “

▶ ︎Sonja (42, doctor’s assistant) with daughter Hannah (2): “I would be happy about 3G on buses and trains, otherwise I’m totally scared. I am vaccinated myself, but my children are still too young and have no protection at all. “

BILD on the road in Cologne:

▶ ︎Sylvia Schwarz (50), nail designer from Cologne: “How do they want to do that? There are so many stops in Cologne alone. Who should control this? Basically, that’s a good idea, but I don’t think that’s enforceable. “

▶ ︎Simon L. (38), social scientist from Cologne: “I think that’s a good idea. The numbers are just skyrocketing. The main problem is that people who have been vaccinated can also transmit the virus. If it were up to me, I would even introduce 2Gplus across the board. Right now not enough is happening to contain the whole thing. “

▶ ︎Barbara von Lewinski (55), secretary from Kerpen: “That’s basically a good idea. But that is not feasible. It would make more sense to make home office mandatory again wherever possible. That empties the lanes automatically. In addition, personal responsibility is now simply important. “

BILD on the road in Berlin:

▶ ︎Jenny (30): “Absolutely okay, because it should be done! Especially when you drive with a lot of people, you should get vaccinated to protect others and yourself. So I also belong to the risk group and so I accept it. I want to be protected and protect others myself. “

▶ ︎Jörg Bauer (60): “Well, I think that’s okay. I’m in favor of even introducing 2G or 2G Plus anyway. I have no problem with that. For me this is the best solution because it is primarily about my health and the health of others. That would be the highest possible security that one can have. One cannot assume 100 percent security anyway. Well, if I am vaccinated now, I cannot think that everything will be done for me. I can get sick as well and get that. You have to try to always guarantee the highest level of security for yourself and for others. That has something to do with responsibility. “

▶ ︎Jens Christian Handsen from Denmark: “I think it’s a good idea. We are in the middle of a pandemic and we are both curious and fearful of what will happen if we do not fight this disease. “

▶ ︎Silvana (32): “I think that if the passengers wear their masks, then that should be enough. We can still go to the supermarket as normal and I think that if you are deprived of the opportunity to take the train or bus because you need a test every time, I don’t think that’s realistic, for many people.”

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