Son of María Elena Saldaña, La Güereja, suffers a spectacular accident

Felipe Saldaña, son of the actress María Elena Saldaña, better known as “La Güereja”It hit three vehicles in Morelos; apparently he was driving while intoxicated.

According to the first reports, the young 20-year-old lost control of his vehicle and collided with two other parked cars and a pole, on Anenecuicuilco street at the junction with Circuito del Hombre, in the Lomas Cocoyoc neighborhood, perimeter of the Yautepec municipality, in Morelos.

Paramedics came to the scene, who took Felipe Saldaña to a nearby hospital, where he was taken into custody, due to the damage caused to other vehicles.

It transpired that he was driving while intoxicated

Witnesses reported that the young man was driving while intoxicated when he lost control of his truck and crashed into private cars.

It is not the first time Felipe Saldaña stars in a vehicular accident for driving under the influence of alcohol, reported the Quadratín portal. At the moment, the 56-year-old actress has not commented on the accident suffered by her younger son.

The Güereja She is the mother of two children: María Belén, 23, and Felipe, who are well known in the artistic world, because their mother used to take them frequently to the theater and to recording sets.

With information from Quadratín

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