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Someone who really loves you does not keep you from your best friends

Call it what you want but a ‘red flag’, or red flag, in relationships is that the couple begins to separate you from your friends. This happens due to the desire to dominate and possess the other person, since there is a bond of dependency, which little by little is transformed into a toxic relationship.

A) Yes, you are cut off from the rest of your interpersonal relationships, alone and held in front of someone that imposes a very painful emotional prison on you.

When your partner separates you from your friends and family

In these cases, the distinction must be made. This process is progressive and gradual, apart from that common attachment that develops at the beginning of any relationship where we want to spend a lot of time with the partner, we talk only about her and we withdraw at times from our social circles.

The problem appears when third parties are no longer there as relationships deteriorate with conflicts or abuse, the couple does not allow you to share with them or there is blackmail involved.

These are violent behaviors, although we do not perceive them as such. A healthy and independent love is based on both sharing their lives and having space to develop freely your trades, hobbies, meet your goals and create plans together.

A person who loves his partner without falling into codependency and control, Rather, he wants to integrate into the social circle of the other to be part of his life fully, along with his family and friends, and is happy for your happiness.

In fact, experts classify this silent behavior as just as toxic as checking phones or monitoring who you meet with. that little by little is causing you to lose your identity, your support people, support, leisure and emotional contact.

So when you hear phrases like “If you love me, you should stop seeing your best friends so much”, O “You seem to enjoy them more than me”, It is time to rethink that relationship.

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