Soldier and teacher die in Italy after Astrazeneca vaccination

Astrazeneca: 17 million data from vaccinated persons analyzed in the EU and the UK

Astrazeneca is no longer vaccinated in several European countries and regions. Isolated serious health problems occurred in vaccinated persons, some of which led to death. On Sunday, Italian authorities announced that a teacher and a military officer had died after being vaccinated with the active ingredient from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company. A connection between vaccination and death has not yet been established. In the evening, Astrazeneca again stressed the safety of its vaccine.

Astrazeneca emphasizes vaccine safety

Astrazeneca has again denied concerns about the safety of its corona vaccine after analyzing vaccination data. A careful analysis of the safety data of more than 17 million vaccinated in the EU and Great Britain has provided no evidence of a higher risk of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, as the company announced in London on Sunday. The company is now referring to even more data sets.

Astrazeneca had already made the same statement on Friday, referring to 10 million records. The reason: Denmark and other countries had suspended vaccinations with the substance. The reason given was reports of death and serious illness from blood clots after vaccination. However, it was also emphasized that a connection between the vaccine and the blood clots could not yet be established.

Italian Minister: “The vaccines in Italy and Europe are all effective and safe”

On Sunday, vaccination with Astrazeneca was temporarily suspended in two Italian regions. In the Piedmont region, a teacher died after being vaccinated. One acts out of “extreme caution” until one finds out whether the vaccination is linked to death, said the health officer of the northern Italian region, Luigi Genesio Icardi, according to a statement on Sunday.

In the evening, however, the vaccinations were resumed after a batch was identified with which the person had been vaccinated. The vaccinations would continue with other batches, the region said.

On Friday, the Aifa drug agency stopped administering a batch of Astrazeneca after a soldier died in Sicily. A link between vaccination and death has not yet been established. Health Minister Robert Speranza emphasized in an interview with the newspaper “La Repubblica” on Sunday: “The vaccines in Italy and Europe are all effective and safe.”

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