The coach of América said that he is happy with Honduras, for the result and for the elements that scored the goals

TEGUCIGALPA – Santiago Solari, technical director of America, assured that he is satisfied with the victory that his squad achieved in the first leg of the round of 16 over him Olympiad and highlighted the goals they scored Federico Viñas and Sergio Diaz, who have lived difficult months in the team.

“Happy with the result as we are going. An away win on a difficult field. They were able to score in the first half and put themselves ahead. Then we convert the goals through Fede who makes me happy and just like Díaz, who still makes me happyor. With transitions we marked the second and then we could mark the third, but we did not take advantage of it and it is normal for the local to overturn in attack and they began to shoot centers. The same is logical that one of those can enter, but happy because we got victory in the opposite field”, Declared Solar.

In the same way, he highlighted the rotations that the America and must keep in the next commitments, since the team will have to travel directly to Monterrey to face this weekend the Tigers.

“We play each game doing our best, thinking about the next game and when they meet every three or four days and with stopovers, now returning to Monterrey directly, they are great efforts of players and you have to think about everything. Keep doing your best. We will try to continue with this step, it is difficult to sustain it, but everyone is involved. We need all of them as they are doing and they performed like Sergio, who scored or last week with Giovani dos Santos. All pushing for the same side and with the difficulties of the tournament ”, he stated.

With the 2-1 win on the scoreboard, Solar he was forceful in stating that said result “was what we expected. That is why I have to congratulate the players for what we have done in the first half and a good part of the second to take us a victory on a very difficult field ”.