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Sofía Reyes reveals how they achieve perfect eyebrows and a tanned look

Sofia Reyes He has shown with his talent that he was born to dedicate himself to the world of entertainment. With hits like “1, 2, 3”, “Muévelo” or “Échalo Pa ‘Ca”, Sofía moves us to the beat of the moment. With the rhythm that always accompanies her, the Mexican singer appears before the Vogue camera and we opens the door of his home for an episode of Vogue Sin Filter.

In front of the mirror and with the smile that defines her so much Sofía Reyes, who was the cover of Vogue Mexico, shows us the step by step of your skincare and makeup routine, Add some of her unique wellness habits and share in detail the things she loves about herself that make her unique.

Sofía Reyes reveals her beauty secrets in Vogue Sin Filter

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What products does Sofía Reyes use to have healthy skin and perfect makeup?

Oil with cactus and roses

The artist reveals that she loves roses, so an oil with roses and cactus it is part of your beauty routine. She applies a little with perfectly clean hands, seeking to hydrate her face.

Gel equilibrante

This product is applied as part of your skincare routine, with which he begins to prepare his skin for the rest of the products. Remember that the dermis needs to have optimal levels of hydration along with the nutrients necessary to strengthen that protective barrier that it needs against all kinds of agents. This is where the gel equilibrante comes into play, as it hydrates her skin, while helping it reduce oiliness, leaving a healthy matte effect: she applies it with small pats on the face.


Have them hydrated lips is vital – regardless if we want to use lipstick or not-. It is because of that Sofia Reyes He prepares them with a gentle balm that he discreetly spreads on his lips with a gentle massage, which also promotes a quick and effective absorption of the product.


Applying the foundation is something that many women differ in, thanks to uses that range from directly using the fingers or using brushes or in the case of Sofia Reyes, a sponge. The actress and singer has the habit of applying a little to your hand, sponge makeup, ah, but not without creating a certain trick.

Make-up base or make-up bases?

The actress says that what has worked the most is apply two foundations: one slightly lighter than the other, combine them and create your own mix.


She just places a little concealer cream in the dark circles with the fingertips to blur it. First apply a little color and then spread it evenly.

The products behind the eyebrows of Sofía Reyes

The actress has always confessed that this has been a topic for her, since she has never gone to have her eyebrow ‘done’, but rather she likes to define it from home, with certain products, in general, it uses three items to achieve it.

Brow brush

Sofia Reyes She is an uncomplicated woman, so to start brushing her eyebrows she uses a product she already has, her brush eyebrow makeup, which comes with a brush and a comfortable and easy-to-use brush, with which it raises them.

Brow gel

To have the eyebrows combed and in place all the time, it’s something she achieves with a eyebrow pomade that gives a touch of color while you brush them and leave them in place, by means of an effective brush.

Fine finish eyeliner pencil

Although this one doesn’t actually use it in the tutorial, she shows it as a product you use to fill in your brows, for those sporadic empty spaces that sometimes appear. A good must that you can also have in your beauty kit.

Translucent powder

When having combination skin, the artist uses translucent dust to control the brightness of the skin, which is used in strategic areas to reduce this effect.


In order not to be a ‘ghost’, the actress applies a bronzing powder with an oversized brush on your cheeks. She says she is fascinated by orange-toned bronzers because they favor her skin in a very particular way. To match the tone of your neck with that of your face, she spreads the bronzer with the same brush, making it look unified.


She has a habit of putting some pink blush, something you achieve with one in an energetic range, with which you bring your face to life.


To achieve that sunkissed effect, the actress puts on a shade in orange with a touch of bronze, which gives it greater luminosity.

Eyelash mascara

The actress has said that what works the most for her is a product with a light texture let them be painted in a very natural way. She applies it starting from the corners, defines the central part and then extend the formula on the bottom.


Sofia Reyes acknowledge that black eyeliner doesn’t suit her as well as coffee, that’s why it is applied a little in this tone (with a touch of shine). Her apply one in pencil to the bottom and above the lashes, which gives you a more open look.


This is a great asset at the time of further define the face and certain facial features, so she places it on the cheekbone, chin and a touch on the nose.

Lip liner + lipstick

This duo it is particularly useful for the lipstick to last longer, the pencil works as a liner and the filler seals in the lipstick pigmentation (and that’s just how you apply it).


This is the last part of her look, as she claims that it usually leaves it with its natural fall, but sometimes, it gives it a boost with a few small pliers, making them look natural.

The most important beauty lesson that he leaves us:

Sofía Reyes mentions that she has learned not to take care of what she says, does or wears 24/7, because she has given herself the freedom to understand that and ‘let it be’.

Don’t miss out on the rest of her advice on Vogue Sin Filter and discover more episodes of this series of beauty routines.

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