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So you can take advantage of food waste to make organic compost

One of the keys and secrets of healthy plants is the soil, its nutrients and compost.

Having a healthy plant, even more so if it is indoors, is the dream of every housewife. But, to achieve beautiful plants everything starts with the good care and maintenance of them since they are small and begin to grow.

One of the keys and secrets of healthy plants is the soil, its nutrients and the compost that is used, even better if said compost is organic.

Now, one of the most effective methods of composting is using food waste. Surely using this technique you you will save some money and your pocket will thank you.

Take advantage of food

As we mentioned before, you can take advantage of food waste to make compost.

Compost, or organic compost as it is also known, is the best way to supply the soil with nutrients, which has a decisive impact on the soil. healthy growth of our plants and gardens.

This is obtained from organic materials, that is, vegetable remains in combination with some earth.

To make the organic compost you can use some food scraps that would normally be thrown away, so it is also a way to reduce the volume of waste.

On the other hand, if you use it to fertilize your own herbs or vegetables, you will be sure that your harvest is 100% organic.

To make a good compost or compost only requires three steps:

How to compost

Natural materials

The elaboration procedure is very simple. You must choose a container in which we are going to place all the components. It can be any type of container, the only requirement is that it is not in direct contact with the ground.

First, you must choose what materials you will include in your compost. Each one has a different decomposition time and it is good to include a variety of different elements.

You can choose green food waste that adds amounts of nitrogen and carbon. Among the ideal foods are the remains of fruit, coffee, straw, plants, flower petals, eggshells and nuts. Small amounts of ash can also be dusted.


The next step is to water the “compost bin”. One of the essential aspects of organic compost is humidity, it cannot be missing. But always to a certain degree, it should not be soaked either.

It is necessary to water it from time to time but without flooding it, although making sure that the moisture reaches each of the layers.

Thus, little by little, an odorless brown soil will be formed that we will later use to enrich the crops.

Wait for degradation

What follows is to wait for this organic matter to decompose.

If the compost has the ideal humidity and temperature conditions, you could have something ready at the bottom of the container where it will be placed in a week or two.

Remember that the more crushed the food you put, the more easily it will degrade.


When food reaches a higher degree of degradation this is known as “humus”.

This is the material that we can add to enrich the substrate of our plants, knowing that making the compost correctly gives us an organic fertilizer, highly nutritious and free of pathogens and toxic elements.

In nature there is no waste, its natural cycle is that everything that perishes is reintegrated into it and is reborn in some other way.

Nature is so wonderful that you can also use food scraps to plant your own garden as there are a number of vegetables that can grow from stems.

Advantages of organic compost

Compost is organic matter that can be added to the soil to help plants grow.

Here are some advantages and properties of organic compost made from food waste:

– Organic compost, as its name suggests, does not have traces of chemical elements. Make raise the ground temperature favoring the formation and development of the roots.

– Organic fertilizer also improves plant nutrition, resulting in stronger and healthier crops.

– This type of natural fertilizer helps to improve the absorption of plant nutrients, they return to the soil richer in nutrients and, this translates into a decrease in the use of chemical fertilizers, which are also quite expensive.

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