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So you can stop feeling so anxious about too much bad news in the world

A wagon of the Metro CDMX of Line 12 It fell into the void after the structure on which it passed collapsed. The cries of despair of those looking for their relatives who were traveling in it and the ambulances that transported the wounded echoed across the country. The negligence What exists behind these incidents is not something new, but exhaustion and anger have led to a stronger demand for responses from the authorities.

On Colombia, a series of protests against new tax reform by President Iván Duque as well as the increase in poverty, unemployment and inequality, they exploded at the national level. In response to the protesters, the government decreed a curfew and ordered the military forces to take to the streets to disperse them, leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured. Today mothers mourn their children and the outrage has spread throughout the world.

As if that were not enough, the situation in front of the pandemic it remains critical in many regions of the world, between the lack of vaccines and the emergence of new strains. India is one of the countries that is experiencing an outbreak that has made medical care impossible for everyone.

The bad news seems to give no respite and it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed.

Barely four months into 2021 and the media and social networks have bombarded us with bad news every day. One part of you wants to stay informed and the other, to silence everything to avoid reading violent discussions and seeing grim images.

The more we try to keep up with what is happening in our environment, the more overwhelmed finished. And it is that in the middle of banal notes of celebrities or television shows, there are those that show a reality closer to ours.

The human brain is set up to pay attention to information that scares or disturbs us, a concept known as “Negativity bias”, according to psychology. This is what causes us to validate the most negative impact news and that therefore, end up affecting our perception and emotions with greater force.

There are so many sad and traumatic situations that happen in the world that worry us deeply but How can we avoid feeling so anxious without completely isolating ourselves?

Choose how you consume news

You do not need to eliminate all media but to make the right decisions about what to follow. Choose your sources of information and the times in which you consume them. Balance bad news with inspiring stories so that you have two sides of the coin without ignoring what happens

It’s okay to avoid some conversations

The news, particularly the big news, inevitably becomes part of the conversation in your social networks, chats or meetings, however, you should not feel guilty if you do not want to be part of them. It is valid to choose not to get involved to participate in it if you do not want to. Maybe you can find out but if you find a topic stressful you can choose not to comment or post something about it.

Focus on what you can solve.

Bad news makes us feel like everything is out of control and that there is nothing we can do to improve. This is what causes anxiety and discomfort but one way to deal with this is focus on the problems you can help solve.

No matter how small, there is always something that can be done to contribute to positive changes. Perhaps you can help by spreading information, support illustrations, or even emergency numbers. Just make sure what you share is from a trusted source.

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