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So you can choose the perfect shade for your hair that will enhance your natural beauty

It is frequent and valid that we want to change our look from time to time. But also it is important to know which style is the one that best suits us. In this article we show you how to choose the perfect hair tone, based on your skin color.

The most common thing is that we worry about knowing what makeup looks good on us and, even, the colors of our outfits that look best on us. The tone that we choose for our hair is also important.

A good combination for your hair according to skin color will make you look fresher and will favorably highlight your features. Take note.

Perfect hair tones according to your skin color

1.- Hair tone for pink skin

The perfect shades for your hair if you have pink skin are ash blonde, platinum and sand tones.

With this skin color pYou can also bet on gray or ash white tones that are very in trend these days. If what you want is a dark tone, chocolate is the ideal color for you.

2.- White skins

White skin has the advantage that almost all hair colors shine. But the best for this color is a red or copper shadeas they will give vitality to very white faces.

3.- Hair tones for brown skin

For brown skin, the ideal is to choose a hair color that gives light to the base. You can opt for shades such as caramel, hazelnut or mocha.

Platinum blondes are not suggested in this case as they generate too much contrast with the skin.

4.- Dark skin

Like brown skins, ash blonde or any blonde should be totally ruled out if what we want is to go according to our natural tone.

The hair colors that best go with dark skin are black or brown. To add luminosity to the face, you can add some honey, hazelnut or similar reflections.

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