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"So that?" Linda Palma revealed that she had already rejected a marriage proposal

A few days ago, Linda Palma married her boyfriend for 11 years. “So that?” Linda Palma revealed that she had already rejected a marriage proposal

Their marriage took place in secret and several details came to light shortly thereafter.

The most commented detail has been about the dresses she wore during her special day.

One of them with a princess cut, a classic for day and evening weddings. With his fitted waist and fluffy skirt, this dress highlighted the romanticism, the elegance and the sweetness that identify Linda Palma.

The other, a fitted dress with embroidered flowers. The flowers convey joy and movement to the outfit they are in embroidered, which makes them one of the most popular reasons to create a wedding dress.

The marriage took place on March 18 of this year and the couple seems to be happier than ever.

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Although the couple has been in a long relationship, they had previously planned to get married and she decided not to.

When they were five years old as boyfriends, Linda and Diego traveled to the United States.

He had planned to propose to her at Disney, in front of the castle, during the popular light show.

However, he forgot, because at the time everyone was watching the show.

Which is why he decided to ask her moments later in his hotel room.

Her, In the midst of the rush to go to the airport, he did not think much about it and said yes.

The truth is that the presenter said that she liked that request for a hand much more than if she had proposed it to her in public.

And it is that Linda likes that those moments of her life remain private.

“So that?” Linda Palma revealed that she had already rejected a marriage proposal

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Shortly after, the presenter thought better of her decision and decided to tell her partner.

He asked him why they were getting married, and unsurprisingly, this disappointed him.

“Why are we getting married? Why get serious? “

It seems that the moment did not pass to greater and it became a great anecdote.

Later, The couple got engaged in 2018 in the middle of another trip, this time through Colombia.

Since then many wondered when their marriage would be, until it happened on March 18.

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Let’s remember that …

The presenter has had health problems throughout her life.

Many of his followers know that he has multiple sclerosis that is currently under control.

She was diagnosed when she was 20 years old and has lived with the disease ever since.

However, Between 2016 and 2017 she had a serious crisis for which she was hospitalized for a long time.

In addition, this took her away from the screens and from her career as a presenter that was on the rise at the time.

The presenter had to learn to walk again, and to eat by herself.

He also received various therapies to improve his motor skills and speech ability.

On several occasions he has confessed that one of his greatest fears is having a relapse again and with this having to depend on many people.

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