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So sweet! – Alpaca on a petting mission in the retirement home

Saarbrücken – Hello, I am Alpaka Athos and now I bring some mood into the booth!

The residents of the “Haus am Zoo” retirement home in Saarbrücken suffered particularly from the Corona period: no visits from loved ones, fear of the virus: Athos (4) appeared!

The male alpaca is on a petting mission: the elevator takes you to the upper floors. There the residents are already waiting impatiently for the animal visit. “It’s very nice that he’s here,” enthuses Hildegard Eckhardt (99). “We don’t see anything like that otherwise. And he can even be stroked. “

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Christiane Groß (53) from the “Saar Alpaka Farm” deliberately chose Athos for the visit to the retirement home. “He is very calm and patient by nature. Most alpacas don’t really want to be petted. Other animals spit or kick there. “

Therefore there was even a training for Athos beforehand. “Alpacas are herd animals. We had to practice making him walk away from the herd. We also tried loading for transport. “

But this effort was worth it! Groß: “There are always those very special moments when you notice that a lot is happening between animals and people.” Supervisor Angelika Müller (49) is also enthusiastic: “The residents are in a good mood, all of them smile.” love star guest Athos!

That is why alpacas are ideal therapy animals

They are cuddly soft, have large, faithful eyes – and look like teenagers in their hairless condition. Alpacas! Christiane Groß (53) from the “Saar Alpaka Farm” goes to old people’s homes with her animals – why? “Alpacas have a special effect on people. They radiate an incredible calm and are therefore often used in animal-assisted therapy. “

According to the farm founder, alpacas that come from the South American Andes have a natural distance and are not as stormy as e.g. B. Dogs. “This gentle way is well suited for seniors,” says expert Groß.

“Thanks to the soft fur, there is also a tactile experience when petting, which seniors often lack.” And: “Alpacas just look cute with their big eyes. People like to seek their closeness. “

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