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“So far with two legs”: Navalny went on hunger strike to get medical help

Alexei Navalny once again made it into all the news reports. This time the oppositionist, who has been in the colony for several months, has passed from words to deeds.

The most popular prisoner in Russia, Alexei Navalny, went on a hunger strike. The corresponding message appeared on his Instagram page. The oppositionist explained that he refuses to eat until a doctor is invited to him.

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“Why are the prisoners going on hunger strikes?

This question worries only those who were not prisoners. It all looks complicated from the outside. But from the inside, everything is simple: but you have no other methods of struggle, so you declare. Ha ha ha.

Rather, there are still a couple, but it is better to save them.

Who is lying in a robe, bald, with glasses on the bed with a Bible in his hands?

It’s me.

With the Bible, because it is the only book I could get in three weeks. And on the bed (super scandalous violation of the rules), because he went on a hunger strike.

Well, what to do?

I have the right to call a doctor and get medicine. Neither one nor the other is stupidly given to me. The back pain has moved to the leg. Areas of the right and now the left leg have lost sensitivity. Jokes aside, but this is already annoying.

Well, that’s what to do? I went on a hunger strike demanding that the law be obeyed and that a visiting doctor be allowed to visit me. So I’m lying hungry, but so far with two legs.

And you, too, do not get sick “

Attached to the “carousel” is a statement that Alexei wrote to the head of the colony. The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Vladimir region said that they were not aware of Alexei Navalny’s hunger strike.

Let’s remind, now the politician is in the Pokrov. Navalny and his lawyers spoke about the deterioration of his condition early last week. The politician complained of back and leg pains and a lack of medical attention. Navalny also reported “torture with insomnia” – according to him, at night he is woken up every hour for a check.

On March 28, members of the Public Monitoring Commission for the Vladimir Region visited Alexei Navalny in the colony, having learned about the deterioration of his health “from social networks.” The prisoner’s condition was qualified as “satisfactory”.

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Фото: Getty Images,, @navalny, @yulia_navalnaya/Instagram

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