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So are the ‘space sweepers’ that could clean Earth’s orbits | Science

It is estimated that there are about 34,000 objects larger than 10 centimeters that orbit the earth daily. Dormant satellites, launcher stages and, in general, remains of human activity in space. This space debris poses an imminent risk to the sustainability of Earth’s orbits, due to its ability to destroy active satellites when colliding with them and, above all, the possibility of causing a chain reaction of collisions, known as Kessler syndrome.

To prevent this problem from getting worse, taking into account that there are already plans to deploy mega-constellations of thousands of satellites in orbits saturated with garbage, the company SENER Aeroespacial participates in the European project ETPACK to develop an exorbitant kit with a technology that the company defines as a “breaker” by not using fuel and having a very low operating cost. We go into their laboratory so that they can explain to us how it works.

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