Smuggling of graphics cards for cryptocurrencies

Just a week later than a raid From a video game company that seized luxury cars, Chinese authorities have seized a shipment of graphics cards that were destined for the black market.

The events occurred in Hong Kong waters, right in front of the city’s airport. According to TVB News, the coastal police noticed a suspicious fishing boat anchored off the airport at two in the morning. When they approached to inspect it, they surprised several individuals loading boxes from the ship onto a speedboat.

The boat fled and staged a spectacular chase. Its occupants managed to escape, but the police seized a shipment of contraband goods that included shark fins, smartphones and 300 graphics cards. Although the graphics had been stripped of any labeling that made them immediately recognizablente, they are believed to be Nvidia CMP 30HXs, a model that Nvidia has developed specifically for cryptocurrency mining.

Although the reviews of the CMP 30HXs are not very good, the demand for graphics has skyrocketed due to the shortage that these components have become one of the most demanded goods by speculators, smugglers and all kinds of unscrupulous individuals. [TVB News vía Tom’s Hardware]

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