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Sky blue, whatever the cost

Cruz Azul should not be afraid of anyone, the other seven teams are the ones who should be afraid of him

MEXICO – After 17 days of the regular phase where he played the best football of the Guardianes 2021, to Blue Cross The moment of truth has come from next week, when the 4th finals of the Liga MX.

The leadership of 41 points, the best offense with 26 goals and the best defense with just 11 goals received guarantee the great work as coach of Juan Reynoso, who took a team sunk in depression after the rare semifinal elimination against Pumas last semester.

One of Reynoso’s great virtues is that “chameleonic” figure that allows him to tactically modify depending on the rival he faces. Thus, it is more difficult for other clubs to decipher Azul because they do not know exactly how they are going to play.

As for the squad, the Peruvian has managed to rescue players such as: “Shaggy” Martínez, Elijah Hernandez, Walter Montoya, Pol Fernández Y Bryan Angulo, which in previous stages were thrown away in the bank. Today some are headlines and other luxury spare parts when a match is stuck.

In addition to this, The Machine has wild symbols that can be used and even enhanced in more than one position, such are the cases of: ‘Tasting’ Domínguez (central or lateral), Juan Escobar (lateral or central), Ignacio Rivero (midfielder or winger) and Luis Romo (containment or central).

The Uruguayan Jonathan Rodriguez He has shown an evolution as a forward by no longer playing just for him, but for the team. Collaborate defensively, press the opposite exit and continue with that “killer” instinct, where you do not need to have several opportunities to be present on the scoreboard.

In my opinion, I only see two teams that can be “pebbles in the shoe” during Cruz Azul’s path to the title: Puebla Y Santos Laguna. Squads that with Larcamón and Almada dominate a style.

They pressure you from the start, create a short circuit in your midfield and are not afraid to propose the games attacking and looking for the result. I’m not talking about America or Monterrey because I think they have marked deficiencies in their defensive apparatus and their attacks also depend on how their forwards get up that day.

Blue Cross he has to put aside the urban legends, curses, bullying and other phenomena that are of no use to him. If you practice good football in 2021, you have a good chance of winning the cup at the end of May.

Cruz Azul should not fear anyone, the other seven teams are the ones who should be afraid of him. Cruz Azul should not think about the 23-year drought, but about going down in history full of glory that is 6 games away.

Cruz Azul has before it a new opportunity to go back to being what its history demands and its fans demand. Blood, sweat and tears, once and for all: azure blue, whatever the cost.

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