Regardless of trends or the time of year, love for skinny jeans it is something that endures. It is one of those basic garments that will always have a special place in our wardrobe to accompany us on every occasion with the certainty that we will look good with them. So for this hot season we propose a short guide to take them with flip flops, taking inspiration from one of your brands from fast fashion preferred.

It might seem minor, but on many occasions we forget to consider what shoes to avoid when wearing skinny jeans, something that could be totally definitive depending on the occasion for which we have dressed. Although we know very well that these pants they look good with white tennis shoes or with moccasins, it also happens with flip flops, one of the most comfortable and ideal options for hot days.

Depending on the chance you can choose different types to wear with your favorite jeans. In addition to considering the tones, a point no less important, first is the form, that is why we focus on these Zara models to present you with a wide range of possibilities so that you can choose the ones that best suit your style and needs.

Flat sandals

For any kind of informal gathering, the flat sandals that can never be missing in our wardrobe, they are more than enough to finish rounding our look. This type of model goes perfectly with skinny jeans or slim jeans and if you choose them in black tone, you make sure you can carry them with everything. Like the trends At the moment they go towards the shapes of the seventies, you can bet on a shape with a square tip.

Padded sandals

If you are going to be at home and want to keep things very relaxed, the padded sandals They will be an ideal option, especially if you are ready to give another type of footwear a break (yes, we are talking about slippers). Its shape ensures you maximum comfort to work from home or carry out any type of activity. If the black ones seem very minimalist then look for the ones that have texture or decorative details.

Sandalias con kitten heels

If you are looking for more formal alternatives, but that they stay in the area of ​​what ‘comfortable‘, then some black sandals with kitten heels They should be the top of the list. Its short heel, between three and four centimeters, stylizes the instep of your foot. They are the ideal complement to dress pants or a midi dress.

Minimalist sandals with heel

The beauty of minimalist sandals is that they can be carried with practically anything. They create a total set with a few frayed jeans, but they could also do it with an evening dress or cocktail type. If you want to choose some that go well for both formal and informal, these are your best alternative.

Strappy sandals

There are also models like this with more punk airs to create casual outfits for your casual outfits, but they could also go with more sophisticated garments such as pants, dresses or skirts. The short heel of this type of flip flops It can be used for more formal occasions, but it could even be if they were flat.

Platform sandals

In addition to reminding us of the 90s, the skinny jeans with platform sandals they are perfect for semi formal occasions as a date, but it could also be to go to work or just to spend the weekend. In addition to gaining a few extra centimeters, they also raise the look without making it look too formal. The light shades or cheerful are also ideal in this season of the year.

Do not be afraid to try combinations with short dresses, midi, shirt dresses, it is the season to show them off. If you would like to see inspiration from catwalks then the collections of spring-summer 2021 Ulla Johnson, Altuzarra and Issey Miyake can give you more ideas.

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