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Skinny jeans: 5 cool trends to wear (believe it or not) in 2021

With the arrival of new trends that capture the attention of all of us, some journalists who work in the fashion industry tend to be very blunt with our words stating that one style or another is ‘dead’. At the moment, this happens a lot with skinny jeans, but when you check in first person what we often write: that they are a basic and can always save us in those moments of ‘I don’t know what to wear’ you have, despite sounding a bit exaggerated, the respect they deserve (how to avoid lose the taxi waiting for you outside the house because you thought you would be ready in five minutes).

Baggy, wide-leg, frayed and mom jeans are the big trends of 2021, but we all have those skynnies in our closet and for many, in addition to the styles of the moment, skinny jeans are still her first choice to look good. They know their style, which one suits them best and the tricks to use them without fail. Their presence will have diminished, but if we pay attention to the proposals of our favorite denim brands, we will find that they are still there. That will not change.

What they will do are the different styles of skinny we will wear this year, as well as the rules for wearing skinny jeans that are already outdated. Swipe to find out about the five new trends in skinnies that we have found in the best dressed and in your favorite stores.

Blue, always blue

Classic blue washes are back in a big way and on all kinds of jeans, even skynnies. After several seasons where the lightest washes were the most worn, it is a fact that the traditional, mid-range shade of blue, with that timeless aura, is officially the color to adopt. They look perfectly good during the day and night, to wear with basics, such as a white T-shirt or a denim shirt or in a more elaborate, minimalist look or playing with multiple layers.

With a breath of righteousness

We know that the silhouettes that are not skinny are the most popular of the moment, but if you have already realized that definitely wearing baggy or wide-leg jeans is not your thing, this model of jeans, which is almost the middle ground between the two , They are for you: slim jeans, a mix of skynnies with straights. This cut has a straight leg fit, which is usually high waisted, with the recognizable snug fit of skinny jeans, but it does taper the least bit near the ankle. You can combine them perfectly with high boots, without fear that your pants will wrinkle inside them, with fine high-heeled sandals or loafers.

As broken as you wish

Not many designers joined this style on the spring catwalks, but in the streets of the world, turned into catwalks, we admire among celebrities and influencers one of the most in-depth details of the moment: ripped jeans. Baggy silhouettes are still the number one choice to show off these ripped or frayed looks, but skinny jeans won’t be far behind. Choosing the most suitable one will depend on you, but don’t forget that the type of break will determine if it will be a cigarette that you can take everywhere or that you can use today and in 10 years. Take your time to choose the one that most resembles you!

Open wheel

We can consider skinny jeans as a classic, but this does not prevent them from being modern too, which is exactly what we have been showing you with each of the models in this text. In this case, the jeans with the open hem at the bottom, so fashionable now and that we find in leggings and flared jeans, are also worn in skinny jeans, to give it that current touch, in a basic silhouette. A small detail that immediately makes the denim look very fresh. Both to wear as heels and tennis shoes, because this model of pants will stylize your figure and make you look taller just by wearing it.

The model for petite girls

On the opposite side of the full-length jeans are these cropped style. We see more and more fashion influencers who choose to wear denim with a cut hem, to expose their ankles. This is the best trick for short girls who seek not to lose inches in height and still wear the look in trend. These with a little flare in the same area, will also be ideal for those who have a silhouette with wider shoulders and want to balance their bottom garments and there is no disproportion between one area and another. Flat or low-top shoes will always look great with this type of skinny jean.

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