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Six older than 60 years were given the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and tell what they felt

Irina, in love with tango and Argentina who had to postpone a trip to Buenos Aires scheduled for this year due to the pandemic, is one of the elderly people who received the Sputnik V developed by the Gamaleya Research Center, whose first 300,000 doses arrived in the country on Friday on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight.

“This damn virus”

In perfect Spanish, Irina pointed out to Télam that “Until the arrival of the virus, I spent my time doing sports and dancing, but the quarantine affected me so much that I suffered a severe depression.”

“I couldn’t dance tango while keeping social distance. Days after a class they told me that the boy I had danced with had tested positive for coronavirus. Luckily I was already immunized”, he recounted.

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His closest circle saw the worst face of Covid-19. “We know many people who were infected and it was very serious. We also lost some friends because of this damn virus,” said Irina, who learned the language to sing the works of Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera.

“We were never afraid”

Valeri, her 76-year-old husband was also inoculated with Sputnik V, and she stated that they both decided to participate as volunteers because it was the only chance they had to be immunized against the virus. “We were never afraid because we informed ourselves well about the Sputnik V vaccine and the Gamaleya Research Center before participating in the tests,” assured.

Valeri did not suffer any symptoms after the application of the doses, but Irina felt a bit fatigued after receiving the first, although “the next day I woke up with a lot of energy and happiness”.

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The woman said that she lived with great anxiety the period that passed from the first inoculation until an antibody test was done. “When I received the results of the antibody test it was the happiest day of the year. My husband generated even more antibodies than I did “, he trusted.

“I have many years and I want to take advantage of what I have left. I cannot afford to lose any moment that makes me happy to the virus! I hope to travel to Argentina next year”, concluded in dialogue with Télam.

“I recommend the elderly get vaccinated”

Oleg, a 69-year-old economist who suffers from chronic bronchitis, has a coronary artery stent and a prostate adenoma, was given the chance to be vaccinated as a breath of hope. “In case of being infected with the virus, the possibility of having a happy ending is simply illusory”, said.

A week after taking the first dose, she experienced dizziness and headache, symptoms that disappeared quickly. “I don’t think this was a consequence of the vaccination. Especially because of the problems that I listed before.”, evaluated.

Oleg generated a stable immune response against the coronavirus, since a test he performed 53 days after the first dose reported good results, and a month later when he repeated that test the antibody levels had risen. “Of course I recommend that the elderly get vaccinated. You cannot compare the side effects that are suffered after the injection, with the threats to life and health that come with the coronavirus. If the vaccine saves even one life, I will be happy “, he indicated.

“Trust the scientists more”

Iskander He is 74 years old, has no comorbidities, and has signed up online to participate in the Phase 3 Sputnik V trials. “I realized that contracting a disease with serious consequences at my age is riskier than being vaccinated”, he said and recounted that due to the lack of adverse effects after the applications, he thought he was in the group that was administered a placebo.



In addition to permanent medical control, during the entire process he had a monitoring of his state of health, with measurement of temperature, pulse and blood pressure, and on day 60 after the first injection a blood test was performed to detect the presence of antibodies, which yielded satisfactory results. “Trust scientists more and listen less to the many unsubstantiated alarming statements that do not come from specialists”Iskander advised.

A marriage with antibodies

Nadezhda and Alexánder, both 61, made the decision to be inoculated because they just don’t want to get sick with the virus. Nadezhda had no reaction after the first dose and had some discomfort after receiving the second. “I had mild flu-like symptoms for 12 hours. I took acetaminophen and everything disappeared.”, he counted.

The couple underwent an antibody test 42 days after the first dose, since according to the developers of Sputnik V, this is the moment when the body must have generated a stable immune response against the new virus. “We both developed antibodies and now we live in peace “, said Nadezhda, which is Russian for hope. “We believe in our science. Our virologists are the best in the world, there is a lot of evidence to show this. So we didn’t hesitate for a minute and got vaccinated as soon as the opportunity arose.”he added.

“Do not be afraid”

For its part, Alexander, a 62-year-old award-winning artist in Russia, said he decided to apply the drug because he wanted to feel safe and not be dangerous to others, did not experience any symptoms after the injection and generated antibodies against the coronavirus. “I advise people over 60 not to be afraid”, concluded the actor with a long career in theater and cinema.

The director of the Gamaleya Research Center, Alexandr Guíntsburghe told the Sputnik news agency that “the results of the studies in the elderly will be released shortly, there are no side effects.”

In the same vein, the Russian Minister of Health had expressed himself, Mijaíl Murashko, who in recent statements to channel Rossiya 1 assured that they hope to begin vaccination of those over 60 next week.

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