Six motorcycle jets cornered Carolina Píparo during the New Year celebrations

A violent start to 2021 lived this morning Carolina Píparo with her family when three pairs of motorcycle jets They cornered them and tried to assault them in the city of La Plata. According to the first versions, the criminals escaped without achieving their objective. “It is not the beginning of the year that no one expects,” the legislator tweeted this afternoon, after clarifying that both she and those who accompanied her are well and thanking her followers for their support.

It all started in the early hours of this Friday, when the now official, her husband and their children were driving their car through the center of La Plata. The three motorcycles with the six criminals on board suddenly surrounded them in what, It is presumed, it was an attempted robbery, indicated the local portal 0221.

Still in full investigation, the reasons why the subjects escaped from the place before to be able to carry out the assault. Instead, it was learned that in their flight they were pursued by the husband of the provincial legislator and current Secretary for Victim Assistance and Gender Policies of the Commune, Ignacio Buzzali, who tried to reach them without success.

While trying to reconstruct how the attack was and identify the attackers, a source close to the cause told the same media that in the pursuit, Píparo’s husband ran over a motorcyclist who I had no connection with the fact that he is investigated by personnel of the First Police Station of La Plata.

Threats from jail

The beginning of 2020 had not been smooth either for Carolina Píparo, who at the beginning of April denounced that the man convicted of shooting her and murdering her son in 2010 in La Plata I had threatened her on Facebook. The provincial Penitentiary Service then requisitioned the prisoner’s cell and found a cell phone that was not registered.

“This is what the man who murdered my son writes to me the day they release the use of cell phones and networks. What did you think you were going to do? Call grandmother? “Píparo questioned on his Twitter account, along with the screenshots of Moreno’s threats.

In those images, it was read: “Don’t forget me either, Carlos Moreno. The same one that Carolina Píparo shot you, woman’s trash ”and“ here, better than ever in Unit 34 put .. ”. The messages, some of which appeared on the wall of the victim’s Facebook page, were published under the username “Carlín Moreno” and, upon entering that profile, it could be observed that there had been recent activity since 28 last January.

The case

Píparo was shot on July 29, 2010 when with his mother, María Ema Cometta, withdrew money from the branch from Banco Santander Río de 7 and 42, in La Plata, and went home, on streets 21 and 36 of the provincial capital.

They had barely walked a few feet when two men on a motorcycle attacked her and they beat her to try to steal her money and one fired a shot that hit Píparo’s chin and punctured a lung.

The woman was transferred at that time to Gonnet Hospital where she underwent an emergency cesarean section of which his son Isidro was born, although he died a week later.

A violent bank leak changed Carolina Píparo's life.
A violent bank leak changed Carolina Píparo’s life.

In 2013, the court that tried the case imposed life imprisonment on Moreno, whom Carolina identified as the shooter; Luciano López, driver of the motorcycle that followed her; Carlos Jordán Juárez and “Pimienta” Silva, in charge of “marking” her inside and outside the bank; and Juan Manuel Calvimonte, for recruiting all the members.

However, the provincial Court of Cassation later lowered Silva’s sentence to 23 years in prison, after which, in 2018, the convicted person requested that he be granted house arrest for health problems.

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