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Sites Promote COVID-19 Vaccine Tourism in the US | International | News

In some states, everyone over 16 years of age is already vaccinated.

Vaccine tourism could go from being common after travel portals look at how a tourist could get vaccinated in the US.

One of those sites is Travel Off Path, who published a note on the states that a non-resident person can access vaccination.

Due to the acceleration that the North American country is taking vaccination, some states give the option of being vaccinated even if they do not live in that state or even in the United States. However, there are other states in which they can request proof of residency from those who they are going to get vaccinated.

Among those in the first case are Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, in which there are no restrictions on the place of residence and vaccination has already been opened to all those over 16 years of age. Although it should be reviewed the same if there are any requirements at the vaccination points.

Since the vaccination program began, foreigners, mainly from Mexico and Canada, have traveled to the United States to be vaccinated, because in their countries they are just in the stage of inoculating the elderly.

Meanwhile, in the US, vaccines are already given in pharmacies, health centers, supermarkets.

However, it is worth remembering that if the authorities manage to identify that someone is traveling for vaccine tourism, something that is not allowed in tourist visas, could prevent them from being allowed to re-enter the country or some other sanction. (I)

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