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‘Sissi’: the new series about the life of the imposing Empress of Austria

Isabel of Bavaria, Austrian Empress who reigned at the end of the 19th century, will be the new protagonist in the SerieSissi‘, the most recent bet he works on Netflix after the success of period and royal stories. And although the project had been known for more than a year, the first snapshots behind the scenes, which include its characterized protagonists.

Sissi‘will aspire to be part of the best original series and films on the platform and will focus on the story of a woman who fascinated the european royalty for her great physical beauty, but also for being someone cultured, rebellious and ahead of her time, as described by the chroniclers of her time. The success that the giant of streaming with series like ‘The Crown’, makes the expectations about this production, which will be German, enormous. This is the information we have so far.

What is ‘Sissi’, the Netflix series about?

To join the list of romantic period series online, comes’Sissi‘, a German production that in its original language will bear the title of ‘The Empress‘which translates to’ The Empress’. The first six chapters, 45 minutes each, will delve into the early years of Isabel in Vienna. Katharina Eyssen, showrunner from the Serie, pointed out that the story will revolve around its protagonist, but will also seek to highlight other little-known real figures, as well as the role he played Francisco Jose as Emperor of Austria.

Who was Isabel de Baviera?

Isabel of Bavaria was a Bavarian princess born in the city of Munich, bavaria, daughter of Maximiliano, Duke in Bavaria, and Ludovica, daughter of King Maximiliano I of Bavaria. He grew up in a house near Lake Starnberg, away from court life. It became the Empress of Austria when marrying the emperor Francisco José I, 23 years old, who dazzled with only fifteen years. They married in 1854 and together they had four children.

It was also known under the name of Elizabeth of Austria or by his nickname, ‘Side‘, which became’ Sissi ‘due to the director’s films austriaco Ernst Marischka (There were three in total, released in 1955 and in consecutive years). For some the nickname of empress it was actually ‘Lisi’, derived from Isabel. He reigned from 1854 to 1898 and died at the age of 60 due to an attack by an Italian anarchist.

Lover of Shakespeare y HegelAs well as learned in several languages ​​(German, English, French, Hungarian and Greek), she adored animals, particularly dogs and horses, as well as other exotic species. And just as the queen elizabeth of england, I also practiced horse riding and was a lover of travel. He hated life at court, which is why he suffered because he felt that it was a limitation on his freedom.

Who will be the protagonist of ‘Sissi’?

The protagonist of the series ‘Sissi‘ it will be Dominique Devenport, a swedish actress that until now is little known. His most recognized work up to this point was the film ‘Train to Lisbon’ premiered in 2013 where he worked alongside the British actor Jeremy Irons. The role of the husband of the empress will be of the German actor Jannik Schümann. In his Instagram account he shared one of the first official images where both appear characterized in their characters.

Different from the trilogy he filmed Ernst Marischka around 1950, the proposal of the entertainment company is to make a new approach to an intelligent, adventurous and feminist, as well as his questioning of the established rules for the monarchy and role he played in the royal court. Filming is expected to begin in the next few days.

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