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Singer Benoby – “I couldn’t perform without a craftsman”

When he works on things with his hands, harmonious tones or even painful sounds come out. Seen in this way, singer and physiotherapist Benoby (31, “My fifth element”) is also a craftsman.

The musician plays the guitar, piano and saxophone. “I can do all kinds of things with my hands really well. But if I hold a classic tool in it, nothing works. That’s why my respect for real craftsmen is particularly great, ”says Benoby about BamS.

This is one of the reasons why the native of Munich released his new single “Was für immer immer” on Friday – a musical hymn to the craft.

“Even as a musician, at concerts, of course, you have to rely on craftsmen and all the stage builders. Without their hardworking hands, I couldn’t perform at all, ”explains Benoby.

Speaking of appearances – since April last year, due to the corona, he has only been able to play a handful of concerts in front of a small audience. So that the blanket doesn’t fall on his head and he can pay his rent, Benoby pursues his old job as a physiotherapist on a daily basis. He has had his own practice just outside Munich since August last year.

“I enjoy that too, but my heart beats for music,” says Benoby. “However, I had to do something so that I could survive financially.” After all, with the money he had earned, he was able to fulfill a great wish: a white grand piano.

He puts the rest of the money aside for the day the pandemic is over. “I dream of an orchestra concert. But I will only tackle that when I have sufficient planning security, ”reveals Benoby.

On the day of handicrafts on September 18, he will first present his handicraft hymn live on the “Badeschiff” in Berlin. On a stage that hard-working craftsmen have put together. How fittingly the lines from his new song: “We can forge joy and hone dreams” … “

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