Ex-beloved showman David Manukyan – Olga Buzova – admitted that she does not see sincerity in the relationship between Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko. The celebrity spoke about this in one of her last interviews.

The artist mentioned that the footballer accused her of excessive PR in her personal life. Tarasov considered the frequent publications with kisses on Buzova’s page as ostentatious love. However, Olga noted that the athlete sees others as a reflection of his problems.

“He has as many pictures on his page now as I have never had. We always blame people for what we ourselves are sinners for. You can’t see a log in your own eye … ”Olga said in an interview with Arman Davletyarov’s YouTube show.

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The TV presenter said that she was always honest with all her chosen ones. She is very sincere about the relationship between a man and a woman. Therefore, he does not take Tarasov’s insulting words seriously.

Recall that Tarasov recently compiled a list of the best qualities of the new darling. Dmitry included frequent kisses, kindness, beauty and devotion in the TOP-10 features of Anastasia. To them, the celebrity attached a photo of a family idyll: a huge bouquet of scarlet roses, his beloved wife in his arms and children in the background.

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