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Signs that indicate that you are not compatible with that person no matter how much you love them

The reality is stark and inescapable: in the couple, love is not enough. Many more condiments are needed for the relationship to work, so sometimes we find ourselves in paradoxical situations: We love that person deeply, but the romance does not prosper.

Being locked up in these kinds of situations is what it does is affect us emotionally because we can begin to believe that love only hurts us. And no. Only it happens like with clothes: if you have to force it, it is not your size.

Signs that you are not compatible with your partner

They don’t have goals together as a couple

Having opposite goals does not refer to the professional dreams of each person, but how they approach life as a couple. For example, if you don’t want to have children but he does, this it is a sign that your expectations for the future are incompatible and very different.

There are constant fights

It is that they simply cannot agree. You think of A, he of B and that’s how they pass it on: differing in everything. Having a relationship is not about having to always coincide or have to think the same. However, respect and the possibility of reaching agreements must prevail.

You feel incompatibility or “something” is missing with your partner

There is no denying it. Women have an acute intuition that tells us the state of our relationship, So if we have the doubt of “whether or not we are compatible” or we believe that there is a void, including that feeling of inexplicable emotion related to your partner, better listen to him.

A good relationship gives you peace and when it is true, you know it perfectly.

They don’t share their feelings deeply

Your life partner should know exactly what you think, feel, those secrets that you have never told and know your flaws. Nevertheless, If the relationship has lingered on the surface after a long time and they don’t know each other well, they haven’t found the trust to open up and be vulnerable.

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