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SIC opens investigation against Wom for misleading advertising – Novedades Tecnología – Tecnología

This Thursday, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) opened an administrative investigation against Partners Telecom Colombia SA S (Wom) for the alleged violation of consumer protection regulations by misleading advertising.

The agency pointed out that the advertising pieces for ‘Clavostar’, which were released in national media in recent weeks, could “generate error or deception in
consumers on the entry into operation of a nonexistent operator
and the service
that he himself could provide “.

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In this case, the SIC identified seven phrases from the commercials that can “confuse consumers.” Among these are:

● “Official account of another mobile operator that comes to provide the same service because we know that nothing should change.”
● “(…) at Christmas we have teams with 0.000005% discount and options for
I pay comfortable that you will finish paying in 2025 (…) ”.

● “(…) Giving excellent service is our priority, we don’t care about money.
#Awomletengomiedo #nosotrosprimerosiempre (…) ”.

● “(…) We always inform users the truth about their services and changes
in their plans (…) ”; “(…) With us you just have to wait a few ‘seconds’ online
to be cared for (…) ”; “(…) #Felizvfridayatall for reasons of force majeure your
PQR’s will be answered on Monday. Thank you for staying with us, happy weekend!
#Awomletengomiedo #usprimerosiempre #happyvfridayall (…) ”.

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● “(…) We cannot stop, we have been leading the market for more than six semesters.
#Awomletengomiedo #nosotrosprimerosiempre (…) ”.

● “(…) The fourth operator to be more exact, we offer the same and we will not
entrar a Wom (…)”.

● “(…) We have a Christmas plan for you and your child to have the best internet
without asterisks and with super speed (…) ”.

The Superintendency assured that in the preliminary investigation it was established that these messages were published in several newspapers with wide circulation, therefore misleading advertising was incurred because “the message transmitted allegedly did not correspond to reality and could cause consumers to be misled regarding the conditions of the provision of the advertised service and the nature of the advertiser “.

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Likewise, the SIC indicated that it will review whether the company, which this Monday officially launched its mobile phone plans in the country, has complied with the orders of the Superintendency regarding the remission of used advertising pieces.

Wom could, if so determined by the watchdog, pay a fine of up to 2,000 current monthly minimum wages.

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