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Should you return the engagement ring if it didn’t work out ?; the answer is: it depends

The engagement ring It is the symbol of the love that a partner has, but what happens when it ends? When the couple ends their relationship before reaching the altar there are several factors that must be taken into account and one of them is what will happen to the engagement ring.

And there are those who spend hundreds of thousands of pesos to buy this piece of jewelry for their loved one, and whether they keep it or not depends on the type of ring (it may be a family heirloom), the agreement the couple has reached. and finally, how you want to treat the ring: as a gift or one more material good of the couple.

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The different types of rings

It all depends and as we mentioned before, you must consider how the ring is going to be qualified, whether as a material and conditional good or not as an unconditional gift. We explain.

A conditional ring is when the piece of jewelry serves to close a verbal agreement. That is, when someone asks “‘Do you want to marry me?” and gives a ring, accepting it is, therefore, accepting that agreement that establishes that in the future you will get married.

If a ring is unconditional, it is because it was delivered on a special date and without sealing any agreement. Sometimes marriage proposals are made for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or birthdays and then, in this case, the ring is more of a gift than a symbol of a contract.

Should the engagement ring be returned?

In the case of a conditional ring, the simplest answer is YES.

And it is that when undoing the agreement to contract marriage, the piece that sealed such verbal contract must be returned.

In the case of an unconditional ring, it can be accepted that the recipient keeps it, as it was part of a gift.

Special cases

There are those who give family heirlooms as an engagement ring. In this case, the most advisable thing is to make a prenuptial agreement in which it is established what will happen to the ring in case the marriage does not take place, because you will not want someone who is not your husband or wife to have the ring that It belonged to your great-great-grandmother.

There are also cases in which the ring is taken as a material asset of the couple and that it was bought thinking about the future so that it would work as a guarantee for a house or for financial contingencies. In this case, it is also advisable to return the ring to the buyer.

It should be noted that although this is the most recommended, there are those who, when finishing an engagement, prefer to give the ring as a gift. But, this decision must be made by both parties, no matter how difficult it is to reconcile after the end of the romantic relationship.

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