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Shortly before the start of the process – Former concentration camp secretary (96) has fled!

Itzehoe (Schleswig-Holstein) – Now the police are looking for her!

The accused ex-secretary Irmgard Furchner (96) has to answer for aiding and abetting murder in more than eleven thousand cases since Thursday before the Itzehoe district court. But the former typist did not appear at the start of the process. It is fleeting, so that an arrest warrant has now been issued against the pensioner – bang at the start of the trial!

In her function as a typist and typist in the camp headquarters of the former Stutthof concentration camp (near Danzig) between June 1943 and April 1945, she is charged with helping those responsible at the camp with the systematic killing of those imprisoned there.

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According to BILD information, Furchner, who lives in a nursing home in Quickborn in Schleswig-Holstein (near Hamburg), made her way to the Norderstedt subway station (north of Hamburg) by taxi early on Thursday morning. After that, their track is lost. Apparently the seniors had no intention of attending the trial.

The district court had issued an arrest warrant, said the presiding judge Dominik Groß on Thursday morning. It remains to be seen whether one can get hold of them. The planned main hearing could then only begin after the arrest warrant has been issued and your ability to stand trial has been checked.

Meanwhile, the International Auschwitz Committee has expressed outrage over the escape of the defendants in the Nazi trial from Itzehoe near Hamburg. “This shows an incredible contempt for the rule of law and also for the survivors,” said Vice-Executive President Christoph Heubner on Thursday. The committee represents concentration camp survivors and their relatives.

Lawyer Onur Özata, who represents two co-plaintiffs and Stutthof survivors in the proceedings, comments on BILD: “The accused is fooling the judiciary with her behavior. Apparently she does not feel bound by the local law. The law enforcement authorities must now do everything possible to get hold of the concentration camp secretary. Anything else would be unbearable for the survivors. “

Efraim Zuroff (73) from “Wiesenthal Center” underlined the importance of the process. The historian told BILD: “The trial of Irmgard Furchner is an important reminder that the crimes of the Nazis were not only committed by men but also by women who served in concentration camps and even in the Einsatzgruppen.”

Furchner testified twice as a witness, in 1954 and 1962, about her role in Stutthof. In 1954 she testified that all correspondence with the SS Economic Administration Main Office ran over her desk.

Commander Hoppe had dictated letters to her every day and ordered radio messages. She said at the time that she knew nothing about the killing machinery that killed tens of thousands of people in the immediate vicinity while she was on duty.

▶ The proceedings are being negotiated in front of the youth chamber because the Furchner was 18 or 19 years old at the time of the offense and was therefore an adolescent within the meaning of the Youth Courts Act.

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