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Short hair styles that will dominate the second half of the year

We are getting closer to the second half of the year. During this season we always experience the need for a change to receive a new cycle, which can translate to a new look. In addition to helping us feel renewed, a change of image can help us project greater security in all the activities we carry out. The right hair style can help us highlight our features and highlight our natural beauty. Next we tell you what will be the short haircuts for women 2021 that you should know.

To help you change your look, we present you the short hair trends that will dominate the following months and that will help you say goodbye to your long hair to give way to a much more relaxed and free image.

Short haircuts for women 2021


The Bob cut reaches just above the jaw, which makes this area look more defined and provides greater structure to the face. This is one of the cuts that will continue to be in trend since it can be worn by people of all ages to achieve an elegant and modern look.


If you want to dare a radical change, cut your hair leaving the front part longer. On round faces, this style it looks best when combed sideways for a more harmonious look. This classic cut can be a fun way to change your look, so it has been adopted by celebrities like JLo. It consists of trimming the hair at the back and sides, leaving the front slightly longer. As well as providing a youthful appearance, this cut is ideal for the hot season and can be easily styled.

court of bowl

You surely remember the cut of bowl Like a trauma from your childhood, however in 2020 this style returns with a modern twist only suitable for the coolest girls. It is left at the height of the eyebrows and a lot of texture is added, as well as touches of color to achieve this effect.

Pointed above the shoulders

If your hair is very straight, change her look with a haircut above the shoulders and add layers at the tips. You can also order a shaved cut to give your hair more volume and texture. This will highlight your cheekbones and chin more. Also try to comb it on the side to create a more elongated face effect.


Shag cut is perfect for a youthful and relaxed appearance, consists of creating shaved layers to add texture to the hair and is usually accompanied by a fringe. It is ideal for those who prefer medium hair above the shoulders and for those who have a broad forehead, you can also wear it with a fringe.

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