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Shooting in Frederick, Maryland, leaves at least two injured

  • Authorities confirm a shooting in Frederick, Maryland.
  • At least two people have been injured in the shooting in Frederick, Maryland.
  • Officers cordon off the area where the shooting is recorded.

Authorities have confirmed that a shooting in Frederick, Maryland, has left at least two people injured on the morning of this Tuesday, according to various media in the United States.

Authorities are at the scene of an incident with an active shooter Tuesday morning in Frederick, Maryland. Currently, there are two victims and a “down” suspect, according to police information cited by ABC 7 News.

Shooting breaks out in Frederick

The shooting occurred in the 8400 block of Progress Drive, in Frederick, Maryland, the aforementioned media detailed on Tuesday morning, whose case is also reviewed by Wusa 9 and DVM, among other newspapers.

Initial reports indicated that a shooting occurred at the NicoLock Paving Stones in Progress Court, for which Frederick’s SWAT team was deployed. A police officer was also dispatched to pick up a person with a gunshot wound.

Suspect in the shooting in Frederick

shooting at frederick

The authorities confirmed that so far there are two people injured and that the suspect has “fallen”. However, they did not specify the health status of any of the victims or whether the suspect was killed or detained.

Brad Bell of 7 On Your Side reported that the suspect is an active duty Navy official, according to his sources, ABC 7 News reported. On the other hand, it was mentioned that Governor Larry Hogan already has been informed about this situation.

Police cordon off the area

In reporting the shooting in Frederick, the Wusa 9 newspaper reported that Todd Wivell, a public information officer for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, said the shooting was first reported just before 9 a.m. on the block. 8400 from Progress Drive.

Wivell confirmed that there were two victims in the shooting, but their conditions are not yet known. In turn, the sheriff’s office reported that a suspect had “fallen” around 9:15 am at Fort Detrick near Nallin Farm Gate, but no further details were offered on that.

They search the area

shooting at frederick

According to Wusa 9, officers were also seen searching homes at the Fort Detrick base. Officers remained at the scene at 8400 Progress Drive, where the victims were shot, while conducting their investigation.

Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando will give a press conference with new details about the shooting at 10:30 a.m. The meeting will be joined by the Mayor of Frederick, Michael O’Conner.

The governor has already been informed of the shooting in Frederick

shooting in Frederick

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s press secretary Mike Ricci said in a tweet Tuesday morning that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan had been briefed on the situation and that Maryland state police would assist in the investigation.

According to Wusa 9, Fort Detrick is a United States Army Medical Command facility with approximately 10,000 military, federal and contractor employees assigned there. Those based at Fort Detrick conduct “biomedical research and development, medical supplies management, global telecommunications and the study of foreign plant pathogens,” the website mentions.

Update: suspect killed after shooting in Frederick

shooting at frederick

Shortly after 10:40 this morning, the DVM newspaper reported that the suspect was finally killed by law enforcement authorities after causing the dramatic shooting in Frederick, Maryland.

Citing police, the aforementioned outlet said the suspect, described only as a 38-year-old man, was shot by officials at the Fort Detrick military base, for which he was pronounced dead at the scene.

He started shooting in a park

Police said the suspect shot two men at a technology park on Progress Court in Frederick, where several businesses are located. The victims are in critical condition, DVM said.

Police said the suspect later traveled to Fort Detrick and arrived at the facility, where he was shot. No comment was made on the suspect’s relationship with Fort Detrick, but an investigation is ongoing, DVM said.

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