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Shocking images from the Lipa refugee camp: Thousands have to go back

The “Lipa” refugee camp near the Bosnian city of Bihac burned down almost a week ago. Now thousands of people have returned because no other facilities were available.

The “Lipa” refugee camp near the city of Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina was inhabited by almost 1,300 refugees. Shortly before Christmas, the camp had to be cleared because it was not equipped for winter. A little later, parts of the tents went up in flames. The people who lived in the camp were to be moved to other accommodations. The local authorities were unable to provide enough accommodation.

In Bosnia the temperature is below zero and snow is falling. Many of the refugees who have returned do not have warm clothes and do not know how to survive the winter.

What the only hope of the people in Lipa is and what the circumstances of their return look like can be seen in the video above or here look at.

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